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Life’s Ah-ha moments

Life has a way of giving you “Ah-ha” moments.

When one of my teacher friends retired years ago, she told me that she still felt eighteen inside, but her body had gotten older.  It seemed like such a strange comment at the time, but it has really stuck with me.  She had met a man who seemed really out of character for her.  Single for years, she had devoted her life to teaching.  She was very structured, and her students were orderly and on task at all times.  Her man showed up at school one day and surprised all of us.  He had tattoos, long hair, and rode a motorcycle.  I can still see her clinging to him as they noisily left the school parking lot.  They were married with little fanfare.  I don’t even remember announcements and showers.  One day she was just gone, and someone took her place. 

The “Ah-ha” moment came for me years later when my mom started having serious health problems.  She showed us that “little girl” side that was still inside her, and my sister and I loved it.  Some of her tough exterior melted away, and there she was.  We saw a side of her that had always been there, but she had always kept hidden.

Ok.  I do have a point.  Don’t store yourself away inside until it’s time to retire.  Be true to yourself.  Don’t be afraid to show who you really are. Share your “ah-ha”moments with others.  It is liberating.

Posted: Monday, March 21, 2011 10:05 AM by Betty

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