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Homework and projects

It is my opinion that work done at home should not count nearly as much as work done at school.

My main reason for feeling this way is that some kids get a lot more help at home than others.  When I confronted a sixth grader's mom about a wonderfully written paper, I got a clue.  She replied, "Of course I did it.  You know he can't write."  I was speechless but grew a little bit wiser as a teacher.  I could always tell when the parents did the majority of the work.  Yet, I, like a lot of other teachers, placed A's on those assignments.

One of my really good friends (maybe not so good since she never reads my blog) is completely focused on her son's school work and teachers.  She goes online, reads the assignments, and supports him in every way that she can, including forcing him to do the work.  She looks at his grades daily (probably 220 times) and emails teachers if a grade is below 90.  He is her only child, and she is a stay at home mom.  She has the time, the resources, and the determination to have a straight A student. 

I am all for parental support, but when it comes to the real grades that count, the work should be student done and completed at school.







Posted: Saturday, October 29, 2011 3:36 PM by Betty

Angela Watson said:

I agree 100%! Homework should be for practice, not assessment. It's not fair to assign grades to something that some students have help with and others don't.

# October 29, 2011 7:07 PM

Jason said:

Two issues. I don't mind if my kids get help with their homework. In my school community parent involvement outside the school is low. If we get the parents to come to school that's great and every parent is involved with their kid if their sitting with them in classroom. However, when the kids get home it's not always that same. So if one or two questions on homework require help from someone else I'm perfectly fine with that. I think parents are the 1st teachers anyway.

Homework certainly isn't graded as high. All I want to see is that you're making an effort and giving a hoot about learning outside of school. Just my .02.

# November 19, 2011 8:00 AM
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