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  • Quick and Fun Activity

    Friday at the end of the day I was the kids were tired. We had everything accomplished for the day, our weekly tests were over, we had no specials and we only had a few minutes left before dismissal. My kiddos seem to be liking the riddle activities I Read More......
  • Snow...in a town that never snows!!!

    Wow! On the 7th of August 2012, we experienced snow for the first time since 1957. What a day to remember! And...to be able to share it with children, made the experience that much more amazing. We were to have our Inter-House Athletics Day. The children arrived in their colourful team colours, faces painted and ready for action....
  • Rhino poaching awareness in schools

    Hi Teachers, In South Africa, we have an increasing epidemic of rhino poaching. Many of our parks rhinos are being killed for their horns. It is disgraceful. Often these rhinos don't die immediately from their injuries and many babies are orphaned. It's very sad. Many schools are undertaking projects to help raise money for...
  • First Day

    Well, I'm all done with my first day of student teaching. Today I just had to watch, observe, and interact with students. Only one thing to say: THEY ARE CRAZY . Students don't know how to respect teachers and it's sad to watch a teacher with 20+ years of experience not be able to get respect from his classes. A sign of how...
    Posted by wieski22   on Science Scholar
  • here's your sign

    This afternoon, as students are viewing images of World War II, we see a picture of a concentration camp. The class is austere, taking in the emotional impact of genocide. It's a serious lesson which will lead into a discussion of hatred, labelling, the Holocaust, Dharfor and the hate crimes that are committed on campus on a...
    Posted by John Spencer   on Indie Teacher
  • getting organized

    The phone rings as I'm sifting through papers. I catch a glimpse of a post-it note reminding me of a meeting that was apparently scheduled in the morning. I pick up the phone and listen to a lecture from the school counselor about why it's important for me to go to my duty station on the assigned week. Apparently I had missed...
    Posted by John Spencer   on Indie Teacher
  • Inspirational/Cartooning Extra

    Last weeks Tech Tip about Cartooning started some interesting buzz. I’ve heard of several teachers using a Cartooning site with their students for writing. If you found www.toondoo.com to be difficult to work with, found objectionable material, or you just didn’t want to create an account here are two others that you can use....
    Posted by GregSmith   on TechTips
  • Last of the Snowman Winter Sports File-Folder Game...

    I've just released my second version of the Snowman Snowball Fight Game. In this version students will get to practice their addition and subtractions facts with the sum/difference being between 0-6. To download this new version of the Snowman Snowball Fight and last of the Snowman Winter Sports Games click on the picture below....
  • Welcome to our Blog!

    As two high school teachers, preparing to present a workshop on "Literacy in the 21st Century," we thought about all of the classroom technologies that can help teachers to engage their students and prepare them for our digital world. Neither one of us claims to be "tech-savvy" and the thought of using new technologies in our...
  • Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are

    Ok, I admit that previously I was a "lurker". No, not the dark alley or behind the bush kind, the blogger kind. In my 23 Things training, they taught us about "lurkers". Blogging "lurkers" are people who read post after post, but don't leave any comments. As a lurker, I sometimes felt that the post was so far above anything...
    Posted by MsP   on Ms. P.'s Place
  • NFL Coloring Pages

    Free NFL Coloring Pages, Football Coloring Pages, and Football Team Logo Coloring Pages. Choose your favorite team and have fun coloring. NFL Coloring Pages - Click Here NFL Coloring Page Arizona Cardinals Atlanta Falcons Baltimore Ravens Buffalo Bills Carolina Panthers Chicago Bears Cincinnati Bengals Cleveland Browns Dallas...
    1 comment
  • Reading Comprehension Worksheets

    Free Reading Comprehension Worksheets . In this post, you will find a reading comprehension test that you can use in your classroom to build English comprehension. Have Fun Teaching – Free reading comprehension worksheets. Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade, Third Grade, Fourth Grade, and Fifth Grade comprehension tests....
  • Bead Pins to Teach Area and Perimeter

    Sometimes, area and perimeter can be difficult for students to understand. One of my favorite activities to help them with these measurement concepts is to use bead pin patterns . I have the students pick a pattern that they like and recreate it on centimeter grid paper. We can then count the squares to find the area and perimeter...
    Posted by MsP   on Ms. P.'s Place
    1 comment
  • Newly added words to the Merriam-Webster Dictionar...

    Why not see if new words added to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary aren't new to you? A list of some of the more notable words and the year they were first used in an English-language publication might get you started. I am pleased that I actually blogged about dwarf planets . My first experience with edamame came when my son...
    Posted by Betty   on Betty's Blog
  • Homework and projects

    It is my opinion that work done at home should not count nearly as much as work done at school. My main reason for feeling this way is that some kids get a lot more help at home than others. When I confronted a sixth grader's mom about a wonderfully written paper, I got a clue. She replied, "Of course I did it. You know he can't...
    Posted by Betty   on Betty's Blog
  • Couple of New Technologies to Look At

    Here's some comics at Pixton (yeah, they're mine) that will give you an idea of the simplicity of using their app to make a comic - if I can do it, anyone can! The sign-up is free, and, honestly, it takes just a short while to be really accomplished at making these. Voice Thread - it's a great piece of software that allows you...
    Posted by LindaS   on Technology In Teaching
  • Cat Dissection PreLab

    http://bio.bd.psu.edu/cat/ http://vanat.cvm.umn.edu/anatDirections/#directions 1. Use the link above to draw a cat and label the external anatomy of the cat. 2. Include the external anatomy, directional terms, and planes of division. (You will be referring to this as you dissect the cat, so make it nice and neat. http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/opinion/focus161.shtml...
  • Life’s Ah-ha moments

    Life has a way of giving you “Ah-ha” moments. When one of my teacher friends retired years ago, she told me that she still felt eighteen inside, but her body had gotten older. It seemed like such a strange comment at the time, but it has really stuck with me. She had met a man who seemed really out of character for her. Single...
    Posted by Betty   on Betty's Blog
  • A must read blog for Retired Texas Teachers

    Retiring should be easy, but it’s not. I am one of those people who just doesn’t like to spend time understanding Medicare, Social Security, TRS, and decisions made by my legislators that eventually alter my lifestyle. By gum, by golly, it’s just not right. Luckily, there is a retired Texas teacher who is willing to spend the...
    Posted by Betty   on Betty's Blog
  • Conservative Teachers, Come Out of the Closet!

    I have. And, so has this professor, who relates his experience of defending traditional marriage - one man, one woman. In the past, I've spent time (as have many) ducking under the radar. Sitting in faculty meetings listening to teachers cursing Bush (literally), making the most sexist and vile comments about conservative women...
    Posted by LindaS   on Technology In Teaching
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