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Gotta Brag!

We saw our daughter walk to receive her Master's degree today.  And, also attended our granddaughter's 1st Communion.

Both worthy events.  Our daughter's graduation was particularly memorable, as we missed her graduation from college (she was hugely pregnant, and just didn't feel like sitting on a metal chair that long).

The job market looks a LOT better - she has an interview Monday, and is hopeful for further interviews over the next few weeks.  Ohio is one of the states that passed collective bargaining laws similar to Wisconsin, and the teachers are retiring whie the old rules still hold.  Many current teachers are trying to get a referendum on board; I can't say that I'm honestly hopeful for an outcome favorable to public employees.  It seems that benefits will be less lavish; pension promises will be reduced; and, in general, the pay will be less attractive.

However, it also appears that the job prospects for current grads will be considerably better.
Posted: Saturday, May 07, 2011 9:17 PM by LindaS

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