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my brain is overloaded

On the one hand, spending a morning with preschoolers can be lovely and simple. Read stories, play, follow routines, talk, play outside, learn about interesting things. On the other hand, spending a morning with preschoolers can be made frustrating and Read More...

mean girls

Tuesday: Chutney got off the bus and told me, “M___ said a bad word to me!” She was almost in tears. (M___ is the fifth grader she has a crush on.) Turns out the bad word was the “b” word. Who calls a four year old girl a “b”?!! I tracked down our behavior Read More...

Organizing school supplies

I once worked at a school where every teacher had a plastic shoebox for each student to keep their school supplies in, and it was clear I was expected to do that, too. So I went out and paid for twenty-four plastic shoeboxes, and then tried to find room Read More...