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18 August 2010
Letter G Song
The Letter G Song is an Alphabet song that teaches The Letter G. The Letter G song teaches the Hard G Sound and the Soft G Sound, gives examples, and teaches how to write an uppercase G and a lowercase g. This is a song for learning The Letter G. Letter Read More...
27 March 2010
Preschool Teachers Facebook Page
Have Fun Teaching has just created a brand new facebook page specifically for PRESCHOOL TEACHERS! This facebook page is designed to be a place for pre-k teachers from all over to join together to share ideas, stories, lesson plan ideas, and just chat. Read More...
06 January 2010
Preschool T-Shirt
Check out Have Fun Teaching for awesome Preschool T-Shirts for Preschool Teachers! Pre-K ROCKS Shirts in Purple, Blue, and Green! Preschool Shirts - Click Here Add to favorites: Favorite Post | Favorite Blog | Favorite Author Read More...
06 November 2009
Color Worksheets
Are you looking for free worksheets that teach the different colors? Have Fun Teaching has Free Color Worksheets for Kids. Learn the basic colors with this fun color worksheets. Each worksheet will help kids learn colors either by circling a color or Read More...