Why I Won't Shut Up and Teach

After reading a recent blog, suggesting that teachers should self-censor and stay politically inactive, I feel compelled to write this blog.  Telling teachers to shut up and focus on their classrooms is like telling Martin Luther King Jr to shut up and preach or Schindler to shut up and run a factory.  The truth is that, if we want to change the system, the answer begins at the grassroots with us: the teachers.  Who better to spread the reality of an unjust law?  Who else has the theoretical knowledge and the practical experience?  The reason that I complain is because I want to teach.  NCLB violates that right by an intrusive, top-down, beauractic formula that prevents me from using best practices.  I would be a hypocrite if I told my students (I teach social studies) to get involved in the issues of their community and yet I stayed silent regarding NCLB.