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What method works?

I am an undergrad senior in elementary education. We have learned a lot about the different teaching views and which ones work best for children. Due to these courses I have formed a view of what kind of teaching style I would want to have in my classroom because I think it will benefit my students in the greatest way. The debate is between constructivist and behaviorist teaching styles. By learning about these styles I have come to realize that I personally do not believe one can exist without the other. I was wondering what other people thought and if they thought one method was better or more successful with students or if they to feel that a mix of the two is the way to go.

The importance of children being outdoors

I was watching the Today show this morning and a very interesting topic came up. They are now saying that children are nature deficeit. I thought this was very interesting because we live in a culture where everyone talks about how muich children play video games and such but I never really thought about that they just do not go outside. The study had some facts in it that said we are prescibing more anti-depressant medications to children then ever before, which could also be a cultural thing, just like some think A.D.D. medicines are overprescibed but the study said it is because children do not spend the time outdoors like generations before them. Something else that was interesting in this study was it said that only 6 percent of children go outside and play on their own and those numbers to me were shocking. Another thing I thought was interesting, I am not sure so much surprising, was that children can name 80 percent (if I recall correctly) more pokemon characters then they could wildlife species. That to me just seems so crazy and this study led me to think about someone else's post about recess and so is that time the only time during the day when a child gets to go run around and play? If so that is crazy because in this study it also said that the outdoors helps with focus and is something we stuggle with with so many students. Just thought it was interesting and that I would share.

Grad School or Not?

I am a senior in elementary education about to graduate. I am really stuggling with the choice of whether or not I should go continue on to grad school or if I should go ahead and apply for jobs and begin teaching. I have talked to a lot of people about this and heard many different perspectives. Some people say that you need to be teaching first to use those experiences versus some say you can use your lab and intern experiences and do not have to worry about teaching and going to school at the same time. I feel like it may be hard to begin teaching and then going back to school because I will get out of the mode of going to school. Does anyone have a view on which course is better to take because I am still up in the air on what is the best route to take...

Managing A Classroom

One of my courses this semsester is classroom management and we have been spending time on Harry Wong lately. I really like what he has to say and think that he has wonderful ideas. Something that really stuck for me is when he said if you do not have control over your classroom in the first two weeks you might as well go home. That to me is frigtening because I have been in classrooms but it has never been my own classroom. I am about to inter this coming semster and I am hoping to be able to take a more dominant role in the classroom especially so I can feel more confident in disipling students and having control over a classroom myself instead of always having someone else in there. I feel that when I have been in other teachers classrooms I have control over the students when I am teaching but at the same time the students and myself know that their full time teacher is in the room. What are the most important things to start with when looking at classroom management and what should be my first steps?

First Year

I am a senior in education and have head all sorts of things about your first year teaching. I was talking with some people I met this past weekend and they told me that I am not going to have it all together as a first year teacher and I am sure I will not but that is such a hard thing to accept. I have put so much work into the courses I am taking only hoping they will prepare me to be the best teacher possible when I step into the teaching field. It frightens me to think that I will not be ready that first year. So it got me thinking what really needs to be happening my first year and how can I make sure that I make the best of it for myself and my students. I know it is going to challenging and that I will have a lot of work to do because I am starting from scratch when it comes to lessons and such. I guess I am just wondering if anyone has suggestions on how to get through my first year teaching and if everyone says it is so tough will it get better the second year or how many years does it take to really get into a grove?


I was discussing classroom themes with some other seniors in education. I feel like most of them already have a theme and idea for their classroom and I am not so sure where to go with mine. We were brainstorming about different ideas and they had some really wonderful ones. I have seen classrooms with and without themes. I have seen a camping theme where the teacher had lanterns hanging from the ceiling and they used them instead of the overhead lights. There was also a tent canopy that was used for the reading center. In addition all the bulliten board themes went along with the outdoors theme. I was just wondering if anyone has any themes they thought were exceptionally successful in their own classrooms. I was also wondering how essential is a theme in a classroom?