A Day in the Life

A student teacher reflects on his professional journey

Organizing the Classroom

Tonight I met with my cooperating teacher (ct) to help organize our 2nd grade classroom. I helped her label the student's science, math, poetry, and Friday folders and made nametag's for the students' book bins. I am glad I helped her tonight, for we were able to discuss a lot of things, including my feelings of incompetency and how she organizes the student schedule. My ct for student teaching is the polar opposite of the one who I worked with for teacher assisting. She is caring, passionate, and really devoted to her profession (she stays a lot of nights until 10 pm). Initially I was concerned because she has only been teaching for 7 years. I have found that I am able to relate well to her. She realizes that I am a student teacher and said that she is going to be doing her best to teach me while teaching the students as well. This is quite different from my t.a. ct who was union-driven and didn't model positive teaching practices. I am helping my new ct yet again on Monday, then on the 25th, my semester starts. I am excited to start this next step of my professional journey.

Reflecting on my teaching

I was told by my mentor that I should keep a journal about my teaching experiences during my semester of student teaching. I have been meaning to set up a blog for this purpose and am finally doing so. I hope that this reflection will help me grow as a teacher by helping me reflect on what goes well--and what does not. The only real challenge I will have is keeping this blog updated. Here's to hopin'.