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Halloween Fiasco or Halloween Blah Pt. 2

I got off work a little early today, went and picked up my daughter from after school care and headed home. When we got to our house, we had about half an hour to get her costume on before heading over to my mom's house to trick or treat through her neighborhood. Read More...
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Halloween, blah

I love Halloween! When I was a kid, I never wore the same costume twice, used to start out my trick or treating fun before it even got dark, and wouldn't stop until people were turning off their lights! My brother and I used to sit at the table after Read More...
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Halloween Already?!

Remember when you were a kid riding in the backseat of the car and would try to see how many trucks you could get to honk? Or you would wave to people in other cars and see if you could get them to wave back? Yesterday, my friend and I ran out to grab Read More...
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