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National Canine Latin Barking assessments

11 January 12 09:00 PM
While immersed in the Krebs cycle in mid-January, pushing biochemical pathways on sophomores who have yet to learn chemistry, I marvel at their persistence, trying to grasp what I know they cannot, but I ask them to do it anyway. (There is something unethical Read More...
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Quick report

02 June 11 09:41 PM
We took about 150 kids to Sandy Hook today, just as the high tide of the new moon of June was receding. Horseshoe crabs, oblivious to our presence, did what horseshoe crabs have done for millennia. A few dozen horseshoe crabs danced at the water's edge. Read More...
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Formalizing informal science

23 April 11 07:56 AM
I got an email from Education Week this morning that prompted this. Conclusion 1: Across the life span, from infancy to late adulthood, individuals learn about the natural world and develop important skills for science learning. I'm taking my lambs to Read More...
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