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Quick report

02 June 11 09:41 PM
We took about 150 kids to Sandy Hook today, just as the high tide of the new moon of June was receding. Horseshoe crabs, oblivious to our presence, did what horseshoe crabs have done for millennia. A few dozen horseshoe crabs danced at the water's edge. Read More...
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Perennial projects

30 April 11 11:05 AM
At the start of the school year, back when the sunlight was fading and squirrels were fattening up, each student picked a tree to watch. Call it phenology, call it botany, call it whatever you want, but it's really just observing, and few of us do that Read More...

A day in the life

26 April 11 09:34 PM
Been busy, as we all have been, and maybe a tad cranky, as some of us have been. And when I get busy and cranky, I forget what I should not forget. All of this happened in a day, this day, and this was not an unusual day. I found 3 northern brown snakes Read More...
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Formalizing informal science

23 April 11 07:56 AM
I got an email from Education Week this morning that prompted this. Conclusion 1: Across the life span, from infancy to late adulthood, individuals learn about the natural world and develop important skills for science learning. I'm taking my lambs to Read More...
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The Tao of now

22 April 11 08:51 PM
Some say the world will end in fire; Some say in ice. From what I've tasted of desire I hold with those who favor fire. But if it had to perish twice, I think I know enough of hate To say that for destruction ice Is also great And would suffice. Robert Read More...
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Local matters

20 April 11 08:31 PM
The cherry blossom petals are gently falling now, as the faint fragrance and pink light give way to the green leaves. After the burst of sex, the trees get down to the business of living. As old as I am compared to my students, I've only lived two extra Read More...
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We're here to share stories

15 April 11 07:47 PM
While I'll leave it to the great philosophers to figure out the meaning of life, and there are as many words as stars trying to do just that, this much seems obvious: Humans are, in this neck of the woods anyway, the best at telling the story of our universe. Read More...

Proust in the classroom

15 April 11 08:20 AM
I love cherry blossoms, and we live a stone's throw away from Branch Brook Park. At dusk I got my nose dusted yellow from sniffing hundreds, maybe thousands, of flowers. Photo by Cathy Elliott-Shaw As I sniffed one tree's flowers, then the next, hundreds Read More...

Trust me, I'm a science teacher

06 April 11 09:10 PM
Am I going to teach the history of science? Am I going to teach science as a seemingly static list of what we know today? Am I going to teach science as a seemingly static list of what we know when the textbook was published? Or am I going to teach the Read More...

Biology exam

19 June 10 05:50 AM
Study the following pictures carefully: Which is the walrus? Which is the ***? The walrus photo from the USGS--yep, the USGS has a walrus page. Tony (the ***) Hayward, courtesy of UK Reuters Read More...
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I'm boycotting Scholastic Books....

13 February 10 01:49 PM
I am reading Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee for the second time. I read The Mayor of Casterbridge for the last (in this lifetime, anyway--we're finite, you know) last week. Should I live another decade or two, Bury My Heart will be read again. Conquered Read More...
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