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Bead Pins to Teach Area and Perimeter

Sometimes, area and perimeter can be difficult for students to understand. One of my favorite activities to help them with these measurement concepts is to use bead pin patterns. I have the students pick a pattern that they like and recreate it on centimeter grid paper. We can then count the squares to find the area and perimeter of the total picture or of just one part, like the antler of a reindeer. The students can also create the pattern using fuse beads and turn the craft into a keychain or necklace. In previous years, we have also used the patterns to create pictures using pom-poms, pony bead ornaments or actually creating the bead pin. There are many variations and the interesting designs are a great way to get the students interested in area and perimeter. Do you have any other fun ways to help with area and perimeter? Please share your ideas!

Posted: Monday, March 18, 2013 9:58 AM by MsP
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MsP said:

I've been thinking that I may try to use cross-stitch to teach this concept next year. Since the kids are still a little fine motor challenged in 3rd grade, I think I may try using plastic canvas and yarn. I think the plastic canvas would allow for easier hole finding and the yarn would be thick enough for the kids to control more easily. Any other ideas out there? Thanks for sharing! :)

# May 21, 2013 7:26 AM
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