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Huh?So, I have an awesome class.  It's really a wonderful change, but there is a little problem.  I have three extremely bright students who are working way above their second grade peers in both reading and math.  I want to make it a great year for them, but I need to provide them with more challenging activities.  They were thrilled when I let them work together on some challenging math problems.  However, I need to find more ways to challenge them in language arts and math. Any ideas out there?  They are typical second graders in maturity, so they tend to get very restless if they are not occupied for long stretches of time. Thanks!!!Wink
Posted: Saturday, August 25, 2007 5:33 PM by sellen

ameli said:

hy. first time here....just have found this site and I signed in. I choose your blog for no special reason, I was just courious about it.

I'm 23y old and at the end of studying. I'll be also teacher in primary school.

Just to let u know...that my grammar is not so well, beacuse I'm coming from Europe (SLOVENIA), I'm not born in the english speaking country :)

Last year I had an experience with children in 4th grade, with those who were much more inteligent in mathematics, I worked with them in special class made for them...we were doing exercises and games with logical conotation, those types of exercises put them to thinking in many different ways, so they could find many different solutions. I gave them also an opportunity where they wrote their own math test for mates, so they choose exercises that where hard enough for them and at the same time quite easy to be solved. SUDOKU is very good solution for example.

no, I have one question: I'll graduate soon, hope i'll done with it till march 08...my "diploma" (we called it) will be about teacher blog. This is very new thing in ITC, new for teachers and their proffesional work. In Slovenia there are just a few in education who are using this, but I see that in USA this is already "must have" thing :) We do not have any books about that, just general about using internet ...I saw that many american authors wrote about using blongs in education, but I must somehow buy them and translate them into my language :) It's going to be quite hard. I'm wondering if u have any good tips, where I can find infos or articles about WHY SHOULD TEACHERS USE BLOG, WHERE ARE PROS AND CONS...etc Any little help would be great..



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