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Who is TeacherLingo.com?

TeacherLingo.com is an online community dedicated to teachers. We know that teachers like to share ideas and experiences and that having a family of teachers in similar teaching situations can make it easier to get through the week. Every member is connected to a family of teaching friends with the best teacher created resources to support them and help them do their job.


TeacherLingo.com was started in 2006 by a retired middle school teacher and a software developer looking to bring all of the independent educator blogs together into one single community. They felt that many blogs were missing opportunities for feedback and collaboration by not being viewed by other teachers. Many search engines and web site directories at the time listed only a few teacher blogs.

For the first few years the community was primarily focused on teacher blogs and the educator directory. Later a lesson plan area was added, where teachers could upload and share their useful resources for free. As the success of that grew, it became clear that teachers at every level had created high-quality resources that other educators needed.

In 2010, the lesson plan area was expanded to become a full resource marketplace where members could list their electronic resources and sell them to other members.


Betty Miller

Betty MillerWhen Betty co-founded TeacherLingo.com back in December of 2006, she admits she was computer challenged at the time, so blogging was a big step for her.  However she could see the possibilities that it created for connecting with other educators.  She was amazed at how easy it was and how fulfilling it has been for her.  She has been able to connect with hundreds of teachers and share her experiences both past and present related to teaching.

Betty recently retired from public education after teaching sixth grade in Texas for twenty years.  She comes from a family of teachers, who often pass the time by sharing funny stories, concerns, and successful experiences about teaching.  One of her favorite sayings is "Find something to laugh about every day."  She believes in having as much fun as she possibly can. 

Blog: Betty's Timely Teacher Talk
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Twitter: Twitter.com/BetMiller
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Preston Ridley

Preston RidleyBetty co-founded TeacherLingo.com with her son-in-law, Preston.  Preston is a software developer with over 10 years of experience in software and web application design and development.  He is passionate about creating and growing online communities and sharing his technical expertise through his blog, BloggingTipsForTeachers.com.  Preston is also the site administrator and developer.

Preston believes that with the power of the community that anything is possible.

TeacherLingo Profile: Preston
Twitter: Twitter.com/PrestonRidley
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Contributing Teachers

Stacy Zeiger

stacyz.jpgAfter spending 5 years as an 8th grade English teacher, Stacy now focuses her efforts on educating educators by providing them with tips, resources and quality educational materials. Stacy has written articles and blog posts for multiple online publications and has designed curriculum and assessments on nearly every subject for teachers and educational publishers.  As the mother of two, Stacy is also committed to learning ways to help her children learn and develop.  She has turned her resource into numerous articles and other resources to help other parents and teachers do the same.


Toni Cuevas

ToniC.jpgToni has a Master’s Degree in Reading and Writing Instruction, but enjoys teaching all subjects.  Her specialty is differentiated instruction and designing hands-on lessons that incorporate the multiple intelligences.  She previously taught elementary school for nearly a decade before staying home to teach her own children.   She is married to a middle school math teacher and is a mom to a mystery loving 7 year old sweetie-girl and a quirky little light saber toting 3 year old.  You can read more about her and her learning adventures at her blog http://livelaughhomeschool.blogspot.com.


Heather A.

HeaterA.jpgHeather has been teaching 3rd grade for over 8 years and prides herself on excellent classroom management and the superior ability to differentiate instruction.   She has a Master's Degree in Secondary and Professional Studies with a concentration in Administration.   Her teaching philosophy is “Firm, fair, and friendly."   She is always in search of innovative and hands on ideas to try with her third graders and loves including multiple learning styles in each of her lessons.   You can often find her writing for The Mailbox Magazine as a part time freelancer.