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Welcome to our video tutorials section

Here you will find a list of topics and links to flash tutorials that we have built to help you get started.  There is no charge to view the videos and you can pause and view them as many times as you like.  All you need to view the tutorials is Adobe's Flash, which is installed on most computers and runs inside your Internet browser.

If you have any suggestions for a topic that you would like to see presented in a video, please let us know.  Post a message to the message boards or send us a private message.

How to Create Your First Blog Post
Having trouble getting started?  Worried about posting your first blog article?  This video walks you through using the built in text editor for creating a blog post.  We also show you how to use the spell checker and to link to external pages.

How to Change How Your Blog Looks
Are you tired of the default look of your blog?  Do you want to make it your own?  This video walks you through selecting and viewing different themes for your blog.  A theme is a template that you can choose to match your blog to your personality.  We have over 20 to choose from.


Check back with us as we will be adding these videos in the future.
  • Changing your blog settings
  • Updating your blog About and Bio Areas
  • Editing an Existing Blog Post
  • Subscribing to Your Blogs Feed
  • Subscribing to Your Blog Group Feed
  • Adding your Blog Feed to My Yahoo!
  • Setting Comment Moderation for Your Blog
  • Adding Photos to a Blog Post
  • Setting advanced blog post options