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At a loss - please help

Last post 05-04-2010, 7:17 AM by FernandoDiezGallego. 1 replies.
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  •  03-10-2009, 10:29 PM 205957

    At a loss - please help

    I am at a complete loss and would appreciate any advice I can get...

    I teach 6 grade language arts.  It is only my second year as a teacher, and I only have experience teaching pre-AP and regular education.  I currently have a student who speaks no English.  Additionally, he can not read Spanish or English.  He has brain damage due to a car accident, but we do not know to what extent.  Apparently, he is too low for special education; however, he can't qualify for 504 until his mom takes him to a neurologist (which she hasn't done yet, and it has been 3 years).  Because of all this, he is thrown into a regular classroom, and I am supposed to teach him.  Everyone just keeps telling me to do what I can with him.  Right now, I am trying to get him to learn the alphabet...he can get up to F.  Any suggestions would be great as to how to teach him.  I don't speak Spanish and I have 27 other students to worry about... Help, please!

  •  05-04-2010, 7:17 AM 343755 in reply to 205957

    Re: At a loss - please help

    Hello Brandi,

    I'd like to help you out.

    Let's see whether I can be any helpful.

    I'm a teacher of English and teacher trainer/coach.

    Something so positive, to be said first, is that you are very concerned about this student of yours. You do not atone him. You have affection to him and wish to really help him. That's a first fantastic premise. You want to do things good.

    Maybe plan just a simple activity, no, better said, kind of a goal for him, on a regular day - Ok, it may be an activity. If he achieves this small job, praise him gently. Of course if he somehow strive to attain that goal but he doesn't achieve it, don't get desperate. Praise any effort by him. So, implement something small every day for him. He notices your affection and concern. You do good.

    Keep cool. You are somewhat a new teacher, and experience is a key point that will produce advance. Because you will retain whatever works fine. So, step by step.

    And keep on making the rest of the class-group working, of course. Maybe assign a monitor to him. Quite often many students like to help a classmate, because they appreciate your effort, and some of those kids will wish to give him a hand, to him and to you as well. Praise this help from their classmates, and if convenient, let your class-group know this student's progress, step by step. No step one day: tomorrow will turrn out better.

    And try, as much as possible, to let a specialist to treat this kid. As soon as possible.

    Though he doesn't understand you enough, your loving and endurance conducting will be noticed by him, for sure.

    Best wishes.

    Fernando M Díez Gallego

    Granada (Spain)

    Possible more tips on http://fernandoexperiences.blogspot.com , though it's mainly on TEFL, TESL, ELL.

    Please if you read this message and be any helpful, I'd appreciate any signal you read it.

    Carry on teaching him a few letters of the alphabet every day. Make him tell you the letters he learned last day. And you might learn some basic praise words or expressions.

    Fernando M Díez Gallego
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