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need help....

Last post 03-29-2011, 6:49 PM by stephenteacher. 1 replies.
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  •  02-08-2011, 4:28 PM 415254

    need help....

    Hi ,

    I have been subbing for the past 2 years(one school dist), and I got a negative feed back from the dist office saying that the teacher I subbed gave a negative feedback,saying that I didnot do properly and was playing with the kids. I did sub her 2 days in a row. She called me and asked me to do work for her the next day also. She didnot send me any sub plans for the next day. she just called me and told me to continue what I was doing the previous day. I did the same and had 2-5mins left and played hang man with the kids. Now the dist says that she rejected me. How can I handle this?
  •  03-29-2011, 6:49 PM 455714 in reply to 415254

    Re: need help....

    Not much you can do. I subbed for a while and got a few bad reviews. I decided to keep a journal of
    schools and teachers. I was able to refuse certain schools and kept gong to the same ones.
    I got very good at knowing the staff and students. Soon I was a very much requested sub.

    You just have to brush it off and go forward. You have learned a valuable lesson about subbing.
    Games and fun are best left at home. Better to read them a book or something else.

    Here are some substitute teacher tips.

    Stephen C

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