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7 Ways To Turn Lack Of Interest Into Uninterrupted Attention In Classroom

Last post 05-27-2016, 7:18 AM by Dany. 0 replies.
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  •  05-27-2016, 7:18 AM 898089

    7 Ways To Turn Lack Of Interest Into Uninterrupted Attention In Classroom

    Sometimes staying attentive in the classroom becomes a bigger hurdle for students than the difficulty of any subject or topic itself. There are many factors that may cause inattentiveness during a lecture. Before finding out how to become attentive in class, take a look at such factors in order to control their impact on students:

    •    Sleep deprivation
    •    Disturbance in classroom
    •    Mental stress due to issues at home or with classmates
    •    Physical stress due to excessive exercise
    •    Health problems

    All these factors can be easily taken care of with small measures like completing rest before going to the class, stop thinking about other issues during a lecture and maintaining good health. Besides, following is a list of few essential tips to improve your over-all attention and concentration in the classroom:

    1.    Sit In The Front Row

    It is easier to get distracted if you are sitting away from the teacher in classroom because factors like inaudibility and lesser concentration of teacher gives students an option to not pay attention to the lecture. Try your best to reach class early so that you do not need to fight with other students for your favorite seat, and make sure to grab one right in front of the teacher. This will not only enable you to stay awake and motivated but also let teacher know that you are interested in the class.

    2.    Note Down The Important Points

    A long and continuous lecture can become boring very easily but if you want to stay focused, try writing down the important points in your notepad to kill the time and stay attentive as well. You can also use different colored pens to highlight most and less important points to make the lecture more interesting for yourself.

    3.    Resist Distractions

    Distractions during a lecture vary from sitting next to a talkative classmate to the weather outside the window of classroom. So, try your best to seat yourself in a place where you can quietly listen to the lecture without any disturbance. Another tip to stay focused and resist distractions in classroom is to maintain eye-contact with the teacher. With the sense of teacher watching you the entire time, it will become easier for you to pay attention and ignore all distractions.

    4.    Create Motivational Goals

    Remind yourself about the usefulness of education and particularly the subject you are studying in your life before entering in the classroom, and create motivational goals accordingly. Also, connect your class lesson to real life to maintain interest in the subject. If you’ve been given a on any topic, don’t do it for the sake of grades but for the sake of learning something new.

    5.    Sit Upright

    A laid back sitting style induces the similar attitude and therefore, makes you inattentive in the class. If you sit in an upright position, you will become more able to fight off sleep and drowsiness therefore help yourself be more attentive.

    6.    Interact With The Teacher

    Being interactive in the class not only enables you to learn better and clear out confusions in lectures but also makes you motivated to stay attentive. Many students lose focus when they fail to understand any point in the lecture. So, instead of turning away and losing concentration, make use of that point to become attentive and ask the teacher about it right away.

    7.    Practice How To Pay Attention

    Like every other task, it takes practice to perfect ability of paying attention in classroom as well. Experts suggest meditation is the best way to improve focus and attentiveness. If you have been feeling distracted in classroom lately, try to get some exercise for your brain and seek help in meditation.

    If even after adopting all these measures you somehow fail to become attentive in class, you should start noticing if other factors like difficulty of subject or your personal interest are the real culprit behind your inattentiveness in the classroom and focus on them.

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