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Last post 08-16-2017, 5:47 AM by JosephDelima. 2 replies.
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  •  12-12-2016, 12:41 PM 901108


    I am a French student and I make a comparison between the division in England and in France to the elementary school. I would like to know how you approach the division in class and which methods you use. I would also like to have examples of pupils' productions using long division. 
    Thank you in advance 
  •  01-18-2017, 6:29 AM 901608 in reply to 901108


    I didn't get what you would like to discuss, but I am quite sure that the title division is regarding to any subject. I would suggest to take the help from SMO as they would definitely solve any query. I hope you would get an appropriate result.
  •  08-16-2017, 5:47 AM 905000 in reply to 901108

    Re: Division

    Maths is very simple when you know the benefits and tricks to solve the problems. One can seek the my assigment help and get the best results. Do have a look and share your views.
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