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Last post 06-27-2017, 12:19 PM by omarys26. 1 replies.
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  •  03-16-2017, 5:32 AM 902596


    There's an interesting trend in American colleges, as reported by a writing service expert, which for some time offered 'extension' courses (outside classes/readings/homework and in-house testing.) For credit or not, these were costly courses, but valuable to (especially) working people who needed or wanted to 'upgrade' their knowledge. As a retiree, I want to enroll in a language class - French, Mandarin, Spanish were my possibles. Thought i'd try the local community college (CA) but for my county there is none - the closest site is 80 miles RT. and there is no online class offered - though if I wanted to buy a cable TV and get satellite service (no cable in my area) I could go to class. I tried navigating the local CC district's web site, and it is a horror - even the site recommends you have a 1:1 with an 'academic counselor, and they don't respond to emails sent to the address listed. I'm no stranger to universities - have my BA from the 'Big 10', MS from the PAC 10, and PhD from an Ivy...yet can't find a site within commuting distance (or online) which offers classes for adults... . After perusing extension courses for the UC system (Berkeley offers all the languages you want, as long as its Spanish, and only in-class) I checked UC Davis. Bingo! a clear website for both students and 'single course' students, and - more. UCD offers 'Open Classroom' - anyone can go to any class that's offered on campus, as long as there is space and the teacher agrees...classes can be done for your own interest, for pass/fail, or for grade (the latter two will, of course, cost for credits/transcript)...and they have online language class...as long as it's Spanish.  I'm not sure why NorCal CCs seem to believe students will drive 80+ miles/day...or should have to...because they are from rural areas. I'll take my 120 m/day commute to Davis and probably love it, but there should be more options for all 'learners' (outside of expensive online 'Universities' like U. of Phoenix).
  •  06-27-2017, 12:19 PM 904308 in reply to 902596

    Re: trends

    Thanks a lot for you explanation

    Londone scorts
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