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Sample essay writing, Networking health

Last post 05-04-2018, 11:31 AM by carterelwin. 0 replies.
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  •  05-04-2018, 11:31 AM 908404

    Sample essay writing, Networking health

    In the past healthcare professionals relied on old conventional ways of documenting and gaining information in their practice. For instance doctors in specific relied in print media, journals and books to get information. The system no doubt worked. However, with the sophistication and development of the communication network with respect to the evolution of the internet, this will have to change. As a therapist, the ability to communicate properly with someone who can write my essay and to a patient is a paramount requirement of a successful therapy session. This can only be achieved by embracing technologies that will equip one with the required skills to communicate properly with the patient. 

    The evolution of diseases and the vast amount of information published on this will somehow force doctors to change their age old practice of using materials that were published ages ago to diagnose and treat patients. These therefore will require the medical practitioners to embrace technologies such as the internet that will allow them to form health networks. 

    Conventional healthcare practices stand to be revolutionized by the internet for the better. From a clinical point of view this will allow for the rapid access to vital information that can be used in the diagnosis of diseases as opposed to doing lengthy book searches. These will go a long way in ensuring that the physician can be able to access files on the patients history at his operating table or examination room without having to involve a third party to retrieve it for him. 

    Internet connectivity will allow physicians who are far apart to be able to discuss in real time possible treatment regiments or operating procedures. 

    Embracing an internet health network will shift the provision of healthcare to a patient centered form that will see patients to get well informed by being able to collect health related information about them and to easily to communicate to healthcare providers in an electronic form. 

    Telemedicine will thus aid in decongesting the examination room as patients can be attended to remotely without their physical presence required. As opposed to this the conventional way of treating patients, the patients had to heavily rely on the little information the got from their doctors and some never had the opportunity make wise choices based on the lack of information on their ailments. 

    Besides being directly involved in the direct provision of healthcare, an internet network would be useful in aiding the administration of health facilities, biomedical research, professional training and public health surveillance. As providers become well educated and they streamline their operations the level of healthcare provision for the population would greatly improve. 

    Doctors have over the years taken upon them to be the sole individuals who should be involved in the taking care their patient’s health; internet connectivity would go a long way in getting the patients involved in taking care of their health. The network would shift from the infamous patient being the recipient of healthcare to him being a partner in the provision of healthcare. The ability to access vital information quickly during an emergency will determine how success full the healthcare providers are at providing health care. A health network would therefore be the most suitable initiative that the physicians can start make their practice a success.
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