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How to write a Lab Report

Last post 02-14-2019, 3:11 AM by james_jk. 4 replies.
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  •  07-16-2018, 4:51 PM 909489

    How to write a Lab Report

    Lab reports are a critical component part of most science courses and often a significant part of a student’s grade. If your lab instructor provides an outline of how to craft a lab report, you can use that. Some supervisors may require the lab report to be written in the lab book, and others may ask students for separate reports. However, all lab reports follow a standard format.

    Lab Report Format

    Title Page

    The title page of your lab report should have

    ·         The title of the lab experiment.

    ·         Student’s name.

    ·         Lab instructor's name.

    ·         The date the lab experiment was performed, but this depends on the formatting requirements of the report. For example MLA format requires the inclusion of dates, however, APA, Chicago, and Harvard formatting styles do not require the use of dates.



    The introduction is usually one or two paragraphs that highlight the objective of the lab report. You have to talk about the hypothesis, background information, summarize how the experiment was conducted, state the findings of the lab work, and finalize with conclusions. All this information can take anywhere between one and four paragraphs.


    This section is where you are supposed to list everything required to accomplish your lab experiment.


    Explain the necessary procedures you followed during your experiment. This part needs to be sufficiently detailed in such a way that anyone could follow the instructions and complete experiment. It may be helpful to include Figures to summarize your study setup.


    Numerical data obtained from the lab procedure is often presented in a tabular format, while non-numerical data can be presented in a paragraph or list format. Usually, the data takes into account your observations or what you recorded when carrying out the lab work.



    In this part, you need to explain in words the implications of your data means. In some cases, the Results section is combined with the Discussion.


    Here is where you interpret your data and ascertain whether or not a hypothesis was sustained. In this section, you can also discuss any errors or mistakes you might have made when doing the experiment. Lastly, you can explore the ways the experimental outcome might have been bettered.


    In many cases, the conclusion comprises of one or two paragraphs that summarizes the findings and whether the stated hypothesis was accepted or discarded and the implications


    This is where you include all the literature materials used to generate the report. Whether you are using APA, MLA, Harvard, or Chicago style, be sure to reference them correctly.




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    Re: How to write a Lab Report

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    Re: How to write a Lab Report

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    Re: How to write a Lab Report

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    Re: How to write a Lab Report

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