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Tired of enforcing the rules

Last post 02-06-2007, 4:19 AM by Insomniac. 2 replies.
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  •  02-03-2007, 9:14 AM 215

    Tired of enforcing the rules

    Is it really my  job to call parents over and over when their kids don't do the assigned work?  Today I got yelled at by a mother who blamed me because her child made a zero on a project she never turned in.  I put her on the telephone call list and left two messages on her machine myself.  Plus, the mother knew about the assignment early on because I sent home notes about it and she signed it.  It was also on my website.  I think the kid needs to take the zero but I will give her another chance because we are always blamed when our students don't turn in work.  Projects count as much as tests.  Does anybody have any ideas on how to handle this kind of problem?  

  •  02-05-2007, 7:00 AM 227 in reply to 215

    Re: Tired of enforcing the rules

    As a current student and mother at the beginning of the school year we are all given calendars the months marked when a project is due or a
    major test=S. A. T.  We are sent weekly news letters sent by the principal and teachers also include notes with important reminders for parents. 
    In retrospect, you went beyond your responsibility to remind the parents of this special assignment.  In addition, the student is of the age to understand the consequence.  What is her mother really teaching this child, not to be responsible?  By "bullying" get's you what you want Teachers could only do so much.  Teachers need the cooperation and involvement of parents. This parent was out of line and has placed blamed at the wrong person.  She signed the notes you called her several times.  What more did she suggest for you to do in order to attend her responsibility, (her child).  For you to drive to her house personally give her an invitation! PLEASE, I COULD GO ON AND ON IN SOME MANY LEVELS.  You are not doing her a favor by giving her another chance. If she goes to college (THAT'S A BIG "IF"), she will be in for a very rude awaking.  The reminders are given to the students not there parents! No one will send notes to her home, or make a phone call to reminder her she needs to turn in her assignment.  If it is not turned in you receive a 0 no questions or objections.  If parents do not teach their children responsibility at a young age trying to teach them responsibility at a high school level will be touch for everyone involved. 
    And you might as well consider yourself a glorified baby sitter!  Sad Sorry for sounding so tough and I hate to say it that way.  Do not Let these types of parents bully you into bending the rules, when you put in a lot of effort to communicate with them. 
    Good Luck!  Smile


  •  02-06-2007, 4:19 AM 229 in reply to 227

    Re: Tired of enforcing the rules

    Thanks!  It would help if my principal didn't give in so easy to parents.   I agree that we aren't doing the kids any favors by giving them so many chances to get things turned in.  

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