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Getting started with reading

Last post 04-23-2013, 9:32 PM by RebaShip. 1 replies.
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  •  09-17-2012, 6:18 AM 702255

    Getting started with reading

    I have been trying to get my 3 year old involved in basic recognition activities. He would be starting pre-school when he turns 4 , but I just wanted him to get a head start with basic recognition activities so that he knows names of fruits and vegetables, alphabets, etc. While he is learning fast and being a very good student for his Mommy, I just felt that there came a point when all of this was not being fun anymore. I did an online search and thought the best way to make it fun for him would be to get him interactive learning books. This really has helped since not only does it seem fun for him now, but also because I think he is learning faster with this. SInce I live in the outskirts of New Delhi in India, I don't get much time to take long drives into the city to fetch him books so I just order them online. I have been ordering from Hushbabies.com. The best part is that now he tries to teach his Daddy from those books, so indirectly we end up spending a lot of quality time together. Hence proved, that reading with your child is a very fruitful activity and I am sure he is going to take to reading very well as he grows. If anyone has any more ideas on how I can make his learning fun, till he starts pre-school, please do let me know here. 

  •  04-23-2013, 9:32 PM 782739 in reply to 702255

    Re: Getting started with reading

    I'm not sure what internet access is like for you, or your son's engagement level with computers, but readwrite.org is an excellent website for access reading materials.  Additionally, you can create games with sight words on them...a couple of ideas is a beach ball with a variety of sight words.  Throw the ball back and forth and where his thumb lands, he must read that word.  Another fun reading game is with nerf guns.  Create a target with sight words on it and have your son shoot at the target.  Whichever word he lands on is the word he must read.  Great fun for little boys!
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