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Know How to Recover Disabled Mailbox in Exchange 2010

Last post 11-24-2017, 11:39 PM by sportsstreaming. 4 replies.
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  •  04-11-2015, 2:23 AM 876888

    Know How to Recover Disabled Mailbox in Exchange 2010

    How often have you come across instances when after disabling a mailbox you have realized that you have committed a mistake? In most of the cases, users accidentally disable a mailbox without intending do so. Does it mean that their mailbox data are gone forever? Or is there any way out to recover the disconnected mailbox? Before   finding out the solution to retrieve the disconnected mailbox, let’s first discuss how disabling of mailbox takes place.

    How Does the Mailbox Get Disconnected?

    Most users get confused between the terms disconnected and disabled. The term disconnected mailbox refers to both disabling and deletion of mailboxes. While disabling and deleting a mailbox are completely two different concepts. Let us know what exactly these two actions do.

    Know the Difference between Disabling and Deletion of Mailboxes

    Disabling of Mailboxes

    Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 provides an option for system administrators to disconnect a specific mailbox by using the Disable –Mailbox cmdlet. In such a case, the mailbox is removed or disabled from the user account. However, the user account still remains in the Active Directory of Exchange Server.

    Deletion of Mailboxes

    When mailboxes are moved by the system administrators from a one database to any other database, they are not fully deleted from the source database rather the mailboxes are switched to a soft-deleted state.

    In case of deletion of mailboxes, you can use the MailboxRestoreRequest cmdlet in order to access the data of the deleted mailbox data while performing a restore operation of the deleted mailbox.

    How to Retain the Disabled Mailboxes?

    The disconnected mailbox are retained in the mailbox database until the deleted mailbox retention time expires. Once the retention period expires, the mailbox is permanently deleted. So, there is a possibility of retrieving the disconnected mailboxes within the retention period which stands for 30 days. Now, the question is how can we reconnect the disabled mailboxes? Exchange Server provides a method to recover a disabled mailbox by again connecting it to a new user account or to the existing AD user account. Let us discuss the procedure of reconnecting the mailbox in details.

    Reconnecting the Disabled Mailbox with Shell

    In order to carry out this procedure you are required to be designated with some mailbox permissions. After getting assigned by the permissions, you can disable the mailbox by using the following cmdlet.

    Connect-Mailbox -Identity "Steve Lion" -Database "MBCDB03" -User “Steve Lion” -ManagedFolderMailboxPolicyAllowed

    With this cmdlet, the system administrator connects the mailbox for Steve lion which is present on the mailbox database MBCDB03

    Further, if you are want to reconnect a linked mailbox then use the following cmdlet.

    Connect-Mailbox -Identity “Steve Lion” -Database “MBCDB03" -LinkedDomainController AscerimDC03 -LinkedMasterAccount Lauren@Ascerim.com

    In this way you can reconnect a disabled or disconnected mailbox which has not crossed the 30 days retention period. However, if the retention period expires then you won’t be able to reconnect the mailbox by this approach.

    Application of Third-Party Resources

    In such a case, users need to depend on third-party resources. One such solution is RecoveryTools for Exchange Server which proffers an efficient approach to recover the disabled, corrupted or disconnected mailboxes of Exchange server 2010. Further, you can use this convert Exchange EDB file to PST format application to recover even the severely corrupted EDB files.

  •  09-21-2017, 4:18 AM 905554 in reply to 876888

    Re: Know How to Recover Disabled Mailbox in Exchange 2010

    Hi, millions of thanks for help paper. As my mail box just expired last day and at the time I felt that I would not repair now. But thanks to you , you have just solved my problem. I have also putted my PST on repairing and hope it will be recovered soon.
  •  09-27-2017, 12:34 AM 905669 in reply to 905554

    Re: Know How to Recover Disabled Mailbox in Exchange 2010

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  •  09-30-2017, 6:36 AM 905714 in reply to 876888

    Re: Know How to Recover Disabled Mailbox in Exchange 2010

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