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Last post 07-26-2017, 5:45 AM by JosephDelima. 1 replies.
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  •  02-10-2017, 3:10 AM 901978


    We don't have detention in our schools. We can only send students to the principals office...but only for the tough to manage students.

    1) I would like to implement time-out in my classes but am facing difficulties. I have 32 students in one class(6th and 9th grades).Each student has a separate desk and chair.The desks are grouped together in a set of 5 or 6 groups  (4-8 students in a group).
    As you see...the class is crowded and there is barley space between the desks. So  where should time-out be?
    *** I thought of this solution:
    To ask the student who needs time-out to take her chair and come to sit at the front of the class (without a desk...because it'll take too much time to move the desk )....and sit there until time-out is over.

    Any suggestions? ?

    2) Also, what do you do when a student keeps on talking while in time-out ??

    Thank you
  •  07-26-2017, 5:45 AM 904700 in reply to 901978

    Re: Time-out???

    This is really good way to punish the students. According to the australian-writings writing services, most of the schools dentend the students for their misbehavior in the class room. These type of punishments will help them to control the students.
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