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20 Journal Prompts on Task Cards (Free)

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There are 20 journal prompts included here.. Each prompt is on it's own task card.
Electronic File Download (Size 446 KB)

Product Description

There are 20 journal prompts included here.. Each prompt is on it's own task card.

Use them for:

✥ Bell Ringers (Do Now Activities)

✥ Students who complete their work early

✥ Extra Credit Writing Assignments

✥ Writing Centers

The task cards are aligned with the common core state standards for grades 5-10 and the standards are listed at the end of the product for your convenience.

This file contains a PDF copy of my 20 Journal Prompts On Task Cards.

I would print them out on stock card paper (colored or white) and laminate them so you can use them year after year.
Electronic File Download (Size 446 KB)

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I taught middle school for 2 years. I'm currently in my 15th year of teaching high school English. I've also taught two courses on the college level and I did that for seven years. I have taught creative writing and public speaking electives in addition to regular English classes. Two years ago I taught AP English for the first time.

I always feel like I'm doing a metaphorical juggling act. As an ELA teacher I need to teach novels, short stories, plays, poetry, different genres of writing, grammar, vocabulary, etc. I also feel like I'm teaching social studies some days with all the background information I need to know for the various works of literature. I've worked hard in the last 17 years and now I'm trying to help other ELA teachers. If you have any questions or suggestions let me know JugglingELA@gmail.com