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ALPHABET CARDS *memory, flash and match*

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Make your own flash cards, memory games and card match games.
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My Day Care kids and my grandkids alike have always enjoyed flash cards. I must admit that often they were used for other activities such as: carpet skates, play money, 52 card pick up, bend and fly, and probably a few more that I don’t remember! I never really got too upset with all that because they often turned into “teachable moments” such as – What letter skates are you using? Which letter ended up on (your) my head? How many “c”s can you give me in change? That is the beauty of teaching pre-school. You never really use “worksheets” per se. They usually end up being used anywhere EXCEPT sitting quietly at a table. That being said …. These materials can be the start of learning at its best!!

The Flash cards can print on one side and the other side left blank. Also, I set it up so you can print a variety of versions with information on both sides (that does mean repetition of sheets but allows for easier printing). Picture alone on one side, other side lower case, lower case one side, upper case other side, etc. The Alphabet Memory Game can start simple and increase with difficulty as needed for the student. One side has the letters and the other side prints all the same. The student can match them any way you (they) choose. You can set out four pairs of 4 different letters for an easy game or set one lower case and one upper case of the alphabet for the most difficult. Double sided printing will be needed. You may want to laminate them for durability. The Alphabet Match Game…Use your imagination! Match lower to upper case, picture to letter, etc. I know that you have plenty of your own ideas too!

Electronic File Download (Size 3186 KB)
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