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Classroom Job Clipart Labels

Get your students to quickly and easily identify what their job is and what they need to do in there job with these printable classroom job labels.

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Product Description

Classroom job labels

Get your students to quickly and easily identify what their job is and what they need to do in there job with these printable classroom job labels.

20 Student Job Descriptions

Desk monitor

Desk monitorIf your frustrated by the amont of clutter in your student desks, then assign a student this job. Have the desk monitor go around the room and make a list of every student who has a clean desk. You can then decide what reward you want to give to those students who have a clean desk.

Pencil Sharpener

Pencil sharpenerThe pencil sharpener stays in the room during recess and sharpens all of the pencils in the "needs sharpening" tub. I have plastic containers in the room, one full of sharpened pencils and one full of pencils that need sharpening.

After the pencil sharpener has finished their job they put the sharpened pencils in the "sharpened pencils" container. This way you don't have students constantly tring to sharpen pencils during their work time.

Flag Salute Leader

Flag Salute LeaderThe flag salute leaders starts the flag salute each morning. Click here to find the words of the Pledge of Allegiance.

Homework Checker

Homework checkerAt the beginning, in my classroom, the homework checker collects the homework and notes who didn't bring their homework. Afterwards the report their findings to me. This is of course only on days that I assign homework.

Lunch Counter

Lunch counterThis person takes the lunch count each morning. Note: I don't have them collect lunch money, I do that myself.

Sink Monitor

This person will monitor how long each student gets when washing their hands before lunch. They are responsible for keeping the area clean.

Line Leader

First in line


Last in line.

Plant Monitor

This student is responsible for keeping the classroom plant alive. Note: Because I certainly can't do it (laugh)

Light Monitor

Turns the lights off and on when needed.

Coatroom Cop

Makes sure coats and backpacks are all hung up correctly and nothing is left in the walkways.

Clean-up Helper

Everyone cleans up, but this student is the supervisor. He/she tells other students what still needs to be done and makes sure that everyone is helping.

Absentee Helper

This student checks to see who is absent for the day and collects papers and homework for that student. When the student comes the next day, the absentee helper tells them how to do the assignments.


Responsible for helping students check books in and out, keeps the area clean, and later in the year reselves the books.

Attendance Monitor

Marks who is absent and then tells the absentee helper.


If you need to send a message to the office or to another room you send this student.

Paper Passer

Paper Collector

Board Cleaner

At the end of the day this student erases all of the boards in the classroom. I let them do this while the rest of the class is cleaning the room. The clean up helper then assigns someone to clean up the area around the board cleaners desk.

Teacher's Helper

Electronic File Download (Size 1384 KB)
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