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Core 4 All SACI Unit Design Template

The Common Core State Standards have been adopted by over 40 states since they were rolled out in June 2010. These standards are rigorous and will better prepare our students academically. But how can we incorporate these standards to make a positive imp
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Product Description

The Core 4 All SACI Unit DesignTemplate will help you create engaging and relevant curricular unit of study around the Common Core State Standards. The unit design template is broken down into 4 key components.

1. Standards: Plan each unit around 1-2 Common Core Standards you want students to be proficient in.

2. Assessments: Create a formative assessment prior to instruction that measures student proficiency on the skill about to be learned.

3. Content Curriculum: Match relevant and engaging content that will help students master the skill/standard.

4. Instruction: Incorporate research-based instructional strategies to help students master the skills being learned.

Too often, we focus first on content, then activities, finally on tests when planning a unit of study. In order for us to prepare the 21st century learner, we must change our approach to unit design and focus on standards/skills.

By purchasing the Core 4 All SACI Unit Design Template, you will recieve one unit design template that you can copy for your own curricular units.
Electronic File Download (Size 74 KB)
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Alan Matan has been in education for 25 years. He has been a school administrator since 2001. Alan started his career as a Spanish teacher in 1990 and is currently the Department Chairman of the ESL, Bilingual, and Foreign Language Departments of Maine West High School in Des Plaines, Illinois. In addition to his expertise in language development, he has also developed the SACI unit design process, which helps teachers create curriculum around the Common Core State Standards.