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Fraction Pizza

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A fun and engaging role playing activity to add a little more action and spice to a fractions teaching session. Students will role play as pizza chef's and create their own personalized pizzas with a fractional arrangement of toppings.
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Product Description

This is an interactive fraction classroom activity that involves the use of hands on material to engage students in a role playing activity while demonstrating their knowledge of equivalent fractions. Students will pretend to operate a pizzeria of their own and think fractionally as they divide the circular pizzas to suit the toppings wanted by their customers. This can be as a group activity, individual or used as in class demonstration. This activity touches other curricula subjects such as social studies (consumer and producer). The download includes a PDF of the printable toppings, measurements for a pizza chef apron and a template for creating a chef's hat. There is also a featured lesson plan for using this activity in your class as well as a worksheet for practice.
Electronic File Download (Size 718 KB)
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My name is KaiAnna and I'm from Trinidad however I am currently teaching in Canada.