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FREE! Nutrition Formulas: Do you know how many calories, fat, or sugar grams YOU should have?

These formulas will help each individual determine the correct amount you should eat per day and then set some goals and read food labels with purpose.
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Lesson Title: Nutrition Formulas (see FREE attached for all formulas)


1. Calorie Formula: (see attached formula page)

After figuring out the calories you should eat per day to maintain your current weight, (be sure to subtract 500 calories per day if you want to lose weight, or add 500 if you want to gain) you can use an online calorie counter to help you stay under your limit. I love the free "Lose It" program if you have an ipod Touch, but the free igoogle gadget online is good too. You just click on igoogle from the regular google page, click on "add stuff" and search for "Calorie Calculator." (to purchase my worksheet to walk you or your students through this step by step, go to:


You may also want to keep track of your calories each day to hold yourself accountable, so I included a weekly goal sheet (see attached formula file). Don't try to change too many things in your life at once, baby-step your way to health by starting with calorie counting and maybe one or two more and then add more goals slowly.

If you want my great FREE lesson on how to count calories for your students or yourself, it's called, " Counting Calories: A Fun Way to Learn How Cutting Calories Leads to Weight Loss." Go to:


2. Fat Grams Formula: (see attached formula page)

If you want to lose that belly fat, or you can't see those 6-pack abs you've been working on because they're under too much fat, or if you want to be more healthy on the inside (cardiovascular health), than you will want to figure how many fat grams you should eat per day and watch your food labels carefully. Remember, we are counting "Total" fat, but there are also good fats (unsaturated and omegas). The bad fats are saturated and Trans fat, so you can look on the food label to determine how many of the "Total" fat grams are the "bad" saturated ones. Also, every fat gram has 9 calories, as opposed to only 4 calories for protein and carbohydrates, so more fat grams means more calories!

I have a fun lesson called " Fast Foods Lesson-Healthy Versus Unhealthy..." for sale that includes a 36-slide PowerPoint explaining good and bad fats and a poster project. It's at:


3. Protein Formula: (see attached formula page)

The people who will want to count protein are usually those who want to gain weight and/or build muscle in the weight room. A lot of people waste money on liquid and powdered protein because if they counted their protein grams, they would see that they're getting all they need. Your body can't store protein for you, so it has to excrete it, or store it as fat! It's healthier to eat your nutrients if possible. If you want to gain weight, you may want to purchase my "Gain Weight Brochure":


4. Carbohydrates Formula.(see attached formula page)

Most experts say that 55% of our daily calories should come from carbohydrates. You should always try to eat WHOLE grains instead of white, processed flour or sugar. In particular, sugar is the thing on the food label to count! We actually need NONE, and the limit (according to the Mayo Clinic Food Pyramid) is pretty strict-75 calories per day at the most. The sugar formula is great because it converts from sugar calories, which food labels don't list, to sugar grams, which they do list. They add up fast!!

If you want to do a lesson with students that fully explains in a PowerPoint presentation all about whole wheat versus white flour, sugar, diabetes, and more, this "science lab" type project has students guessing sugar and fat in products and then measuring sugar and fat into baggies to see the truth! You can find it at:


5. Water Formula:(see attached formula page)

It was very difficult to find a water recommendation since researchers seem to disagree as to the limit, but this is the best formula I found.

If you want a worksheet to see why water is so important, and also check off your students as they bring a water bottle to class for extra credit, go to:


6. Fiber Formula: (see attached formula page)

Fiber is so good for you, especially as you get older! Here is the formula for teens and adults.

7. All of these formulas involve reading food labels, so if you need a lesson to help teach you or your students how to read food labels I have two. The first one is titled, "Food Label Reading Lesson..." and includes a 16-Slide PowerPoint and worksheet. It's FREE at this website:


The second lesson will have your students reading food labels in their sleep!! It's for sale at the above "The Best Health Lessons" website as well, and it's called "Food Label Scavenger Hunt." It has a PowerPoint lesson and over 40 food labels students will read.


Be sure to purchase my complete 3-week nutrition unit. It's for sale at:




This lesson was taken from this awesome whole semester of Health curriculum. Check it out at:



I also sell my whole-year P.E. curriculum at:



Or check out my own website where I have many other health lessons in a variety of topics for FREE and for sale, and also have free tips of the month, awesome survey links, and enriching articles:


Electronic File Download (Size 1258 KB)

Supplemental Files

File Name File Type Size Price
N U T R I T I O N F O R M U L A S.doc Microsoft Word Document 569 KB Included with purchase.
N U T R I T I O N F O R M U L A S.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document 898 KB Included with purchase.
Nutrition Unit PREVIEW.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document 4 MB Included with purchase.
The Best Health Curriculum PREVIEW.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document 1 MB Included with purchase.

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for FREE! Nutrition Formulas: Do you know how many calories, fat, or sugar grams YOU should have? by AHealthTeacher
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I've been a K-12 Physical Education teacher for 31 years and been certified in Health for 21 years. I've also been certified in Language Arts for 31 years. Over the years I've taught junior high P.E. and Reading, Elementary P.E., 9th Grade English, 9th Grade P.E., Aerobics, and 9th Grade Health. I've been at my current job - high school 9th Grade Health - for 18 years. I have my Master's of Education Degree in Instructional Technology. I also received my National Board Certification in Health in Dec. 2009.