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FREE! Sex Education Homework to do With a Parent

Homework that is a conversation with parents about sex! Includes topics like: pubery, abstinence, birth control, sexual limits and more.
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Product Description

I try to have students do this communicator at the very end of my Sex Ed. unit. *See link below for my 3-week Sex Ed. Unit plans. I have put together an incredible unit that presents this sensitive, often awkward for students, but vitally important information in a way that is revealing and relevant for teens. After we have covered in class all the topics that are discussed with a parent in the homework, then I send the homework home. The homework covers:


-traits of a future spouse, romance, how to know it's true love


-birth control

-sexual limits

-breast and testicular cancer

(in addition to these topics my 3-week unit also covers anatomy, sexual pressures, sexually transmitted infections, HIV/AIDS, sexual harassment, abuse, rape, and healthy versus unhealthy relationships. )

Questions include things like: Do you remember anything about going through puberty? Have you thought about what kind of person you would want to make a life-long commitment to? Why is abstinence a positive choice for me as a teenager? Only 1/2 sheet confirmation slip needs to be returned.


This lesson was taken from my 3 WEEKS SEX ED. at:



This lesson was taken from this awesome whole semester of Health curriculum. Check it out at:



Or check out my own website where I have many other health lessons in a variety of topics for FREE and for sale, and also have free tips of the month, awesome survey links, and enriching articles:

Electronic File Download (Size 199 KB)

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Sex Ed. Parent–Teen Communicators for FREE.doc Microsoft Word Document 128 KB Included with purchase.
Sex Ed. Parent–Teen Communicators for FREE.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document 199 KB Included with purchase.
The Best Health Curriculum PREVIEW.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document 1 MB Included with purchase.
Sex Ed PREVIEW.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document 3 MB Included with purchase.

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for FREE! Sex Education Homework to do With a Parent by AHealthTeacher
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I've been a K-12 Physical Education teacher for 31 years and been certified in Health for 21 years. I've also been certified in Language Arts for 31 years. Over the years I've taught junior high P.E. and Reading, Elementary P.E., 9th Grade English, 9th Grade P.E., Aerobics, and 9th Grade Health. I've been at my current job - high school 9th Grade Health - for 18 years. I have my Master's of Education Degree in Instructional Technology. I also received my National Board Certification in Health in Dec. 2009.