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French "Passport" HALL PASS

Here is a great French version of a HALL PASS made as a PASSPORT!
Electronic File Download (Size 469 KB)

Product Description

Here is a great French version of a Hall Pass made as a passport!

This creative French "Passport" HALL PASS document is printed in only one 8.5 x 11 sheet, but is divided into 4 sections, making it 4 pages. The page is to be folded in 4, just like you would do for a card, and in the back, students can see the rules. Once you go over the rules with them, they are to sign their passport with the date, so they have no excuse to say they did not know. You can see in the preview what are the rules.

Once folded, you have 4 pages:

- Page 1: Students draw the flag from France and write their information (name, teacher's name, and room number).

- Page 2: This section is all in French. You can have them find the translation or you could use that time to teach about the importance of having a passport.

- Page 3: This is the Visas section which is used as a hall pass. They have 6 sections allowing them to go to their lockers, restroom, etc. Once the sections are filled out, they can't go out anymore. I suggest you give them a new passport every 4 or 9 weeks, and every time they have a new one, they have to draw a new country in page 2.

- Page 4: All the rules are there along with a section for student to sign their name and write the date. This helps tremendously when a student says you did not tell him/her. You can then say that if they signed the passport it is because they knew the rules.

*** Feel free also to look at the preview of a word search I created with the French passport vocabulary.

C'est avec plaisir et succès que j'ai utilisé ce passport avec mes élèves et c'est la raison pour laquelle je vous l'offre. J'étais vraiment contente de voir que je pouvais, non seulement utiliser ce passeport comme passe, mais aussi pour leur enseigner ce qu'est un passeport. De plus, même si les adultes dans les corridors ne comprennent pas le français, ils savent que cette passe viens de la classe de français en voyant le drapeau de la France que vos élèves dessineront sur la page couverture. La raison pour laquelle ce n'est pas un autre drapeau est parce que les gens connaissent déjà le drapeau de la France. À la deuxième page, ils ont la chance de dessiner un drapeau venant d'un autre pays ou région francophone, comme le Québec, la Suisse, la Bélgique, le Maroc, etc.


Electronic File Download (Size 469 KB)
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French-Hall-Pass-Passport_by_AndreeCarten.zip Compressed Zip archive. 929 KB Included with purchase.

Customer Reviews

for French "Passport" HALL PASS by Andree Carten
Wonderful, but needs consistency and a customization option
I love this hall 'passport' and am eager to use it!

But I will have to modify it to comply with my school's discipline regimen. The 'consequences' section includes lunch detention (does not exist at my school) and sending to office (ditto). Each school has different disciplinary options.

The wording on the front cover should also be in French, IMHO. Why not? Or at least bilingual for the purpose of comprehension by those checking hall passes.

Likewise, why not write "Ecrivez en français, s.v.p." on page 2 rather than 'Answers must be in français'.

I absolutely love the concept, though. I would be happy to pay considerably more to have a customized version made for me.

(P.S. there is a typo on the back 'loose' should be 'lose')

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More about the seller

I have had the chance to travel and live in various places and countries, which gave me a great opportunity to enlarge my cultural knowledge, making it so beneficial while teaching my native language, French, as well as English, ESL, and technology.

Author of "Military-to-Civilian Job Search Online Resources," I am always eager to create more professional documents that may help both, teachers and students with the following content areas: French, ESL, Technology with electronic cloze documents, as well as various handouts/worksheets related to Islam.