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Implementing the Common Core

Did you know that over 40 states have already adopted the Common Core State Standards? By 2014, many states will have changed their state assessments to measure the Common Core skills. Are you ready to revamp your units of study around the Common Core Sta
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Product Description

Implementing the Common Core is a 36 page pdf that provides teachers with a framework to create units of study around the Common Core State Standards. Implementing the Common Core will help you revamp your curriculum and make it more engaging. Implementing the Common Core focuses on the SACI unit design process.

Standards - Your curriculum revolves around the specific Common Core State Standards you are teaching.

Assessments - Develop and analyze common formative assessments that measure student skills on a four-point rubric.

Curriculum - Match relevant and engaging content to the standard being learned.

Instruction - Implement only proven research-based strategies in classroom instruction.

The ebook contains the SACI unit design template, along with a Bloom's Taxonomy Reference Page.

This easy-to-use resource will help you build the future leaders of tomorrow by providing them with the skills needed to complete in the 21st century global workplace.
Electronic File Download (Size 442 KB)
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Alan Matan has been in education for 25 years. He has been a school administrator since 2001. Alan started his career as a Spanish teacher in 1990 and is currently the Department Chairman of the ESL, Bilingual, and Foreign Language Departments of Maine West High School in Des Plaines, Illinois. In addition to his expertise in language development, he has also developed the SACI unit design process, which helps teachers create curriculum around the Common Core State Standards.