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Magic Squares - Elements of a Narrative

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This is a great alternative to crosswords and speak to the students who might be a bit more math-minded ;)

Students match a clue to the correct term and record the number in the correct grid at the bottom of the page.

Once all clues and answers are mat
Electronic File Download (Size 335 KB)

Product Description

If a row or a column doesn't add up to the same number, students know they must recheck their work.

The attached file deals with narrative elements like conflict, setting, character, symbols, and plot but can be easily changed to suit any topic or subject. Simply replace the terms and the clues, but keep the order of matching the same.

I have used these for novel units, geography and history courses. They are also great for students with low ability or just low engagement in the course.

This file includes the answer sheet.
Electronic File Download (Size 335 KB)
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More about the seller

I am a secondary school teacher in a rural community in northern Ontario (Canada).
I teach mostly English along with some social studies and Canadian law.

I am a teacher, a student, a traveler :)