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Mental Math Sheets

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This Excel spreadsheet enables you to print off an infinite number of Mental Mathematics sheets.
Electronic File Download (Size 544 KB)

Product Description

---Feb 2013 ----

Fractions Sheets added

---Jan 2013 ----

Improved version to support suggestions made in feedback. Thanks for the feedback!

This is the simplest way to generate an infinite number of those daily, or weekly mental mathematics sheets for your class.

Three types of sheets are available:

1) sheets containing addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems

2) Specific multiplication sheets (ie select 7 times tables to practice)

3) All multiplication

4) Fractions (addition and subtraction)

All sheets come with printable answers.

You may have your class working at different levels, according to their ability -sheets are printable for 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50 and 60 problems.

This will save you much time if Mental Mathematics is a regular practice in your classroom.
Electronic File Download (Size 544 KB)

Supplemental Files

File Name File Type Size Price
Mental Mathematics Sheets.xls Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet 454 KB Included with purchase.

Customer Reviews

for Mental Math Sheets by cmspencer
I really like the versatility of this resource. Having the option of fewer times table calculations and an answer sheet, would have made it perfect. Thanks for sharing!

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More about the seller

I am a passionate about teaching, particularly pre-teens. I have a great interest in classroom management approaches and in particular like the work of Bill Rogers, William Glasser and Fred Jones.
I particularly like making the classroom run smoothly so that Administrative tasks can be taken care of quickly and simply and a maximum amount of time can be dedicated to teaching and learning. The development of 'classmark' over a period of about seven years came out of a desire to simplify administrative tasks for teachers.

Outside of teaching, I love sport. I particularly love cricket and Australian Rules football. I also enjoy a bit of woodwork to make a variety of furniture.

I hope you enjoy my resources.