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New Testament Sunday School Lessons

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This 99 page ebook includes 22 Ready-to-Use lessons for your Sunday School program.

Each Lesson includes: Step-by-step lesson plan with printable take home sheet, Bible Memory verse; craft project; games and activities; Snack ideas; Prayer
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Product Description

Table of Contents – New Testament

Lesson 1 An Angel Visits Mary

Lesson 2 The Birth of Jesus

Lesson 3 The 12 Disciples of Jesus

Lesson 4 Miracles of Jesus

Lesson 5 Jesus Calms the Storm

Lesson 6 Parables of Jesus

Lesson 7 Zaccheus

Lesson 8 The Beatitudes

Lesson 9 Jesus Feeds 5000

Lesson 10 Prayer

Lesson 11 The Good Samaritan

Lesson 12 Who is My Neighbor?

Lesson 13 Jesus the Good Shepherd

Lesson 14 The Prodigal Son

Lesson 15 Mary & Martha

Lesson 16 The Fruit of the Spirit

Lesson 17 The Resurrection of Jesus

Lesson 18 Paul in Damascus

Lesson 19 The Apostle Paul

Lesson 20 Dorcas

Lesson 21 Timothy

Lesson 22 Armor of God

Topical Lesson: "God is Good"

Topical Lesson: Christian Kindness

Topical Lesson: Faith

Topical Lesson: God Made Families

Topical Lesson: Understanding the Lord's Prayer
Electronic File Download (Size 10436 KB)
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