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SRE: On the Rainy River

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This Scaffolded Reading Experience (SRE) is an adaptable, research-based lesson plan for teaching On the Rainy River. It was designed to foster students’ higher order thinking and promote deep and lasting understanding.
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Product Description

Two major tenets of the Common Core Standards are that all students should read complex texts and produce cogent responses grounded in evidence from those texts. Scaffolded Reading Experiences™ (SREs) are the ideal tool for helping students accomplish these challenging tasks. SREs are detailed, adaptable, and research-based lesson plans designed to support teaching widely used fiction and nonfiction texts. Each SRE includes a set of pre-reading, during-reading, and post-reading activities to assist students in successfully reading, understanding, learning from, and enjoying a particular selection. The effectiveness of SREs has been validated in formal research studies. Each SRE has been specifically designed to foster students’ higher order thinking and promote deep and lasting understanding of what they read.

SRE Components

This list below includes eight types of pre-reading activities, five types of during-reading activities, and eight types of post-reading activities. Each SRE includes a different combination of these activities – a combination that is appropriate for the students, selection, and purpose for which the SRE is designed.

Pre-Reading Activities

• Motivating

• Activating and Building Background Knowledge

• Providing Text-Specific Knowledge

• Relating the Reading to Students' Lives

• Pre-teaching Vocabulary

• Pre-teaching Concepts

• Pre-questioning, Predicting, and Direction Setting

• Suggesting Strategies

During-Reading Activities

• Silent Reading

• Reading to Students

• Guided Reading

• Oral Reading by Students

• Modifying the Text

Post-Reading Activities

• Questioning

• Discussion

• Writing

• Drama

• Artistic, Graphic, and Nonverbal Activities

• Application and Outreach Activities

• Building Connections

• Re-teaching

The SRE is available as a downloadable PDF file
Electronic File Download (Size 140 KB)
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