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Two Step Equation Activity Worksheet

Students love to draw but don't always love math. With this worksheet students will be engaged as they solve two-step equations to help them draw and reveal a hidden picture.
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Product Description

This worksheet is great for reinforcing two-step equations. Students will be engaged and have fun as they complete the worksheet that will reveal a hidden picture. As students solve each problem they will be given a clue of what to draw in a grid to reveal a surprise picture. If the completed picture doesn't look right, students will be able to self assess and try to find their mistake.

The problems have positive and negative answers. Great for substitute work, independent practice, or differentiated instruction.

Prior knowledge needed:

*Adding integers

*Subtracting integers

*Dividing integers

*Multiplying integers

*Solving one step equations

New Skill Needed

*Solving two step equations

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Electronic File Download (Size 139 KB)
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two step equations with integers STUDENT.pdf Adobe Acrobat Document 382 KB Included with purchase.

Customer Reviews

for Two Step Equation Activity Worksheet by Cgrmath
I thought I might get the cover sheet and the answer. The only thing that I received was a worksheet.

More about the seller

I have taught 6th grade math, pre-algebra, algebra, and geometry for 10 years. As a match coach I try to share fun and interactive technology that teachers can incorporate into the classrooms that will not take up much time. My classroom has always consisted of students with varied levels of math abilities. To help my English learners and the students with learning disabilities I have created short animated videos that effectively teach the skill needed to master the math concept. Along with great teaching strategies I have been able to see students succeed in record high numbers.