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Water Cycle PowerPoint with Quiz and Built-in Activities

This is an 200+ slide PowerPoint presentation with built-in notes (red slides), built-in quiz with visuals, activities with instructions and questions, video links, review games, and much more.
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Product Description

This PowerPoint includes critical notes, exciting visuals, challenge questions, and a neat visual quiz that has students demonstrate their understanding of the major parts of the hydrologic cycle.

Areas of Focus within this PowerPoint

Biogeochemical Cycles, The Water Cycle, Evaporation, Condensation, Precipitation, Sublimation, Transpiration, Evapotranspiration Surface Run-Off, Percolation, Groundwater Discharge, Water Storage on Earth, Water Cycle Visual Quiz.

This PowerPoint begins with a description of biogeochemical cycles and emphasizes that these cycles go from the living world to the non-living world. The Water Cycle (aka Hydorlogic Cycle is then introduced asking the students to identify which terms they are familiar with (Usually it is evaporation, condensation, precipitation)from a large list that includes larger more difficult terms such as evapotranspiration and percolation etc. Students are then presented evaporation, condensation, and precipitation in a step by step by process. Students make a step by step diagram of the water cycle with many key terms in their notebook. Each slide creates more of the diagram so all students can follow along. A quick activity has the the teacher bring in some cold soda cans and has the students observe condensation that forms. A simple demo that always has the kids attention. The soda can then be consumed at the end of class if behavior is good. Precipitation is described and a link to a neat website (flash needed is provided). Another activity is provided that describes how the students are stuck on a desert island and need to turn sea water into drinkable water. A step by step description and visual are provided. Basically students cover a clear plastic container filled with saltwater with plastic wrap. They then put a container in the middle and some pebbles above the container on the outside of the wrap. The saltwater evaporates, leaves salt behind, condenses and travels down the plastic wrap ceiling and falls into the cup (precipitation). Students describe how this activity goes through the entire water cycle. An activity also describes transpiration and has the teacher cover a stem on a plant with a plastic bag to observe water droplets the next day. A neat activity has students observe how sand can clean water. Students scrap crayon shaving into a container of sand. A small hole is punched into the bottom of the container. When water is added to the top the crayon shavings float around. The water that falls out of the bottom is clear (percolation / infiltration). Places on Earth where water is stored is then described. A neat activity then has the teacher minimized out of PowerPoint and assists the students as they pretend to drag vocabulary terms into the correct place on a picture of the water cycle. A quiz concludes the PowerPoint that shows a picture of the Water Cycle and students must record the correct term to the number on the picture 1-8. This is a neat PowerPoint that involves and challenges your students.

Thank you for your time and interest in this PowerPoint.


Ryan Murphy M.Ed

Electronic File Download (Size 1 KB)
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Water-Cycle-PowerPoint-Built-in-quiz-activities-more-200-Slides(FILEminimizer).ppt Microsoft PowerPoint 7 MB Included with purchase.
Water-Cycle-PowerPoint-Built-in-quiz-activities-more-200-Slides(FILEminimizer).ppt Microsoft PowerPoint 7 MB Included with purchase.
Water Cycle Lesson.zip Compressed Zip archive. 6 MB Included with purchase.

Customer Reviews

for Water Cycle PowerPoint with Quiz and Built-in Activities by ryemurph
Water Cycle PowerPoint
A tremendous PowerPoint from start to finish. Embedded checks for understanding were placed throughout. My kids loved it, WOW!

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More about the seller

I have created an entire original curriculum over the past 10 years. I ditched the textbooks early in my career and opted for students to create their own textbooks with use of a learning journal. I began converting everything I was doing into a super charged form of PowerPoint. I have posted 20 different science units in Life, Earth, and Physical Science, and hundreds of smaller posting which are just small parts of these 20 units. The units use elaborate PowerPoint Presentations to deliver important notes, direct lab activities, provide follow-up questions, prompts for videos, and includes assessments, modified assessments, class notes, and answers to the assessments for support staff. My use of PowerPoint is high energy, with as much interaction between students and teacher as possible. I don't give the students anything for free, and they must engage to move one. Great thought questions, meaningful activities that reinforce instruction, tons of review opportunities, exciting video shorts, projects and much more are built right into the slideshow. I consider how students learn rather than just bullet listing facts. I use color coded text so students can focus on one point at a time. Everything is as visual as possible and presented in a step by step process. Most importantly, the activities and discussions that emerge from the slideshows are incredibly meaningful. Detailed unit notes with visuals follow each PowerPoint slideshow for students who require assistance and support staff. A bundled homework package and modified version also follows the slideshows for nightly review. I have 30,000 + slides over 20 full units of study that have been constantly improved every year. These units are the products of 10 years of trial in an incredibly busy and challenging classroom environment. I wouldn't post a unit that hasn't worked wonders for me and my students. Please contact me if you would like to sample some of my work. I will gladly send you a unit or more to view and use in your classroom.

Thanks for your interest.

Ryan Murphy M.Ed