Teacher Lingo Resources http://teacherlingo.com Teacher Lingo is a community where you can upload and sell your original works and help other teachers in their classrooms. Share your worksheets, lesson plans, handouts, printables and flashcards and start earning extra money today. Daily Calendar http://teacherlingo.com/resources/items/daily-calendar.aspx B@5m@ Sun, 26 Feb 2017 03:36:28 GMT Daily kids calendar for learning Days, Months, Seasons, Weather and Parts of the day. PrintablesActivitiesHolidays-SeasonalSpecialty Periodic Round Table http://teacherlingo.com/resources/items/periodic-round-table.aspx slmcguire Thu, 23 Feb 2017 12:08:59 GMT Students learn about the properties of the different families of the periodic table, as well as, how they create bonds sharing, giving and taking electrons. Each group of students will be responsible ScienceCommonCoreActivities Chemistry Portfolio Project http://teacherlingo.com/resources/items/chemistry-portfolio-project.aspx slmcguire Thu, 23 Feb 2017 12:05:42 GMT This is a project that spans the entire course of chemistry. Students make this portfolio as topics, chapters and information is covered in class. It has been designed to become a study device for stu ComputersTechScienceAssessmentCommonCoreActivities Acidicy Lab http://teacherlingo.com/resources/items/acidicy-lab.aspx slmcguire Thu, 23 Feb 2017 11:49:12 GMT A lab exploring how students can use pH strips to determine the acidicy of common solutions and from pH, determine pOH, H+ and OH- concentrations. ScienceAssessmentActivities Taboo Cards Bundle http://teacherlingo.com/resources/items/taboo-cards-bundle.aspx English Teacher's Corner Wed, 22 Feb 2017 16:16:56 GMT The Taboo Cards Bundle consists of 198 cards and is a great way to practice speaking :) Find out more below! My students love playing taboo. They get really excited whenever we play the game. I'm PrintablesSMARTLessonsSMARTIdeasESL-EFL Reading Cards 1-10 http://teacherlingo.com/resources/items/reading-cards-1-10.aspx erinstrahan Tue, 21 Feb 2017 21:37:23 GMT This resource works really well as a parallel to the Fitzroy Reading Programme. Each card introduces new sight words and word families. Reading cards can be sent home each week to encourage parents to ReadingFlashcardHandoutAssessmentHandwriting 3rd Grade - Times Tables Practice Book 20 Printable Worksheets http://teacherlingo.com/resources/items/3rd-grade-times-tables-practice-book-20-printable-worksheets.aspx Teachingmykid Tue, 21 Feb 2017 00:50:30 GMT This maths Times Tables Practice book is little pack for new Times Tables learners. With the help of this practice book, kids can prepare their times tables test and learn Times Tables in easy and sim MathPrintablesExamsUnitPlan Travel Brochure - To another planet, back in time or imaginary place http://teacherlingo.com/resources/items/travel-brochure-to-another-planet-back-in-time-or-imaginary-place.aspx Teacher Crafted Studio Sun, 19 Feb 2017 15:39:39 GMT New take on an old concept. Travel Brochures that take you into a new world. ComputersTechLessonPlanPrintablesActivitiesSpecialty Computer Crime - Vocabulary - Crossword http://teacherlingo.com/resources/items/computer-crime-vocabulary-crossword.aspx Teacher Crafted Studio Sun, 19 Feb 2017 15:24:58 GMT Have your students create a Computer Crime PowerPoint. ComputersTechHealthNutritionLessonPlanHandoutPrintablesSpecialty Timeline in Word http://teacherlingo.com/resources/items/timeline-in-word.aspx Teacher Crafted Studio Sun, 19 Feb 2017 15:12:37 GMT Have students create a timeline of their life in Word. ComputersTechLessonPlanPrintablesActivitiesSpecialty Internet Safety poster project - Vocabulary - Crossword http://teacherlingo.com/resources/items/internet-safety-poster-project-vocabulary-crossword.aspx Teacher Crafted Studio Sun, 19 Feb 2017 15:01:06 GMT Create an Internet Safety Poster with Word. ComputersTechLessonPlanHandoutPrintablesSpecialty Kindergarten Patterns Practice Workbook. http://teacherlingo.com/resources/items/kindergarten-patterns-practice-workbook.aspx Teachingmykid Sat, 18 Feb 2017 02:45:24 GMT This activity book is full bundle of fun! In this book there are lots of multiple puzzles for age group 6 to 10 year old. WorksheetPrintablesSMARTIdeasHandwritingSpecialty End of the year activities - Cut and Paste http://teacherlingo.com/resources/items/end-of-the-year-activities-cut-and-paste.aspx Teachingmykid Sat, 18 Feb 2017 02:36:56 GMT These activity worksheets are related with fun! With the help of these worksheets kids will cut the different shapes and paste them in proper and right way. ArtsWorksheetPrintablesActivities 1st GRADE Math Addition: Unit 1 (with cut and paste stickers) http://teacherlingo.com/resources/items/additions-with-cut-and-paste-stickers.aspx Teachingmykid Sat, 18 Feb 2017 02:20:28 GMT These math worksheets to teach addition with Cut and Paste answers are filled with full of basic knowledge of addition for new basic operations learners. These worksheets are based on stickers of numb MathWorksheetPrintablesSMARTIdeas Alphabets coloring activity book http://teacherlingo.com/resources/items/alphabets-coloring-activity-book.aspx Teachingmykid Sat, 18 Feb 2017 02:13:06 GMT Fun filled printable activity coloring book for age group 4 to 7 year old. Few of the activities are: - Color the capital alphabet - Color the image with crayons - Help to find each alpha WorksheetPrintablesSMARTIdeasESL-EFL Basic Operations For 1st Graders (ADDITION) http://teacherlingo.com/resources/items/basic-operations-for-1st-graders-addition.aspx Teachingmykid Sat, 18 Feb 2017 01:56:37 GMT Addition Worksheets for math learners. These worksheets are related to sum (addition) of two 1-digit numbers and two 2-digits numbers without carry. MathWorksheetPrintablesUnitPlan Picture Puzzle Crosswords - 30 Topics, 60 Pages http://teacherlingo.com/resources/items/picture-puzzle-crosswords-30-topics-60-pages.aspx Teachingmykid Fri, 17 Feb 2017 02:41:54 GMT These picture puzzle crosswords are made with very simple, neat and clean way, Children will easily read, understand and can solve all puzzles. Children learn concepts better when they do it in more t ReadingWorksheetGamesESL-EFLActivitiesSpecialty Powerpoint Shapes and Word Art lesson http://teacherlingo.com/resources/items/powerpoint-shapes-and-word-art-lesson.aspx Teacher Crafted Studio Wed, 15 Feb 2017 13:45:01 GMT This is a great and fun project to teach students about the creative side of PowerPoint. ComputersTechLessonPlanSoftwareActivities English to Spanish Dominos - Months - Days - Weather http://teacherlingo.com/resources/items/english-to-spanish-dominos-months-days-weather.aspx Teacher Crafted Studio Wed, 15 Feb 2017 13:39:48 GMT This is a great way to get the students involved in learning the basics of Spanish by matching pictures and English words to their Spanish counterparts. StudyGuidGamesPrintablesForeignLanguageESL-EFL English to Spanish Dominos - Places - Buildings http://teacherlingo.com/resources/items/english-to-spanish-dominos-places-buildings.aspx Teacher Crafted Studio Wed, 15 Feb 2017 13:36:35 GMT This is a great way to get the students involved in learning the basics of Spanish by matching pictures and English words to their Spanish counterparts. StudyGuidGamesPrintablesForeignLanguageESL-EFL B1.06a - Conditionals Chart http://teacherlingo.com/resources/items/b1-06a-conditionals-chart.aspx Susie Kay Wed, 15 Feb 2017 07:55:43 GMT A quick reference 'Cheat Sheet' giving a brief overview of the four Conditional Tenses in English. LanguageArtsHandoutPrintablesESL-EFL A1.09a - Prepositions Chart http://teacherlingo.com/resources/items/a1-09a-prepositions-chart.aspx Susie Kay Wed, 15 Feb 2017 07:51:09 GMT A quick reference to see how and when to use simple prepositions in English LanguageArtsPrintablesESL-EFL generic viagra http://teacherlingo.com/resources/items/generic-viagra.aspx Emedsretail Tue, 14 Feb 2017 01:03:55 GMT Generic Viagra is a Generic Medication used by men suffering from erectile dysfunction which is commonly known as male impotence. This drug is proven to be the best aid for men affected by sexual comp HealthNutritionOther SIGHT WORDS/CUT AND PASTE http://teacherlingo.com/resources/items/sight-words-cut-and-paste.aspx TLHouse Mon, 13 Feb 2017 20:46:18 GMT Letters Make Words is a pre-reading series. SIGHT WORDS/CUT AND PASTE gives student the opportunity to use letters to make words. This activity helps with learning new sight words, recognizing lette ReadingLanguageArtsActivities Gimp tool posters and quick reference guides http://teacherlingo.com/resources/items/gimp-tool-posters-and-quick-reference-guides.aspx Teacher Crafted Studio Mon, 13 Feb 2017 17:16:21 GMT Great posters for your classroom and a quick reference guides for your students. ArtsComputersTechHandoutPrintablesOther