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  • 3394. Our Job as Teachers Is Great! Simply!

     Studying, reading, researching. All those things are necessary for the teacher. Tentatively.He has to study – books on teaching and education, websites, forums – to improve as a teacher and as a person. Otherwise it is more difficult: he might not be capable to teach and educate other people. Tentatively.You can tell me you’re hectic and busy… ...
    Posted to Experiences of a teacher of English (Weblog) by Anonymous on June 6, 2018
  • 3389. I Know What Is Good for My Students!

     So yesterday I wrote to you something about determining some goals for our classes (I mean groups). Summarizing and insisting on purpose: When thinking of goals they should be few, and they should serve the purpose of helping me, who is the one that will refer back to those goals after having applied them and while applying them. It is not ...
    Posted to Experiences of a teacher of English (Weblog) by Anonymous on May 31, 2018
  • 3388. How to Be A Practical Teacher!

     We are about to finish this school year or we have already finished or anyway we will finish soon. We can behold the school year. We can draw conclusions. We can handle intuition. Intuition about what our classes (groups) need. Is this so?As I’ve already said we should have goals for our classes (groups). Quick-view goals. Goals we can apply at ...
    Posted to Experiences of a teacher of English (Weblog) by Anonymous on May 30, 2018
  • 3378. On Becoming Flexible Teachers!

     We are teachers. Busy ones. But we have to keep on educating and forming us ourselves. It is a life-long learning. We have to read on teaching, education and family. Books and websites in accordance to human dignity. Okay, but does that reading really educate and form us? Does it remain from what we learn and read? I would say yes. Among other ...
    Posted to Experiences of a teacher of English (Weblog) by Anonymous on May 5, 2018
  • 3377. Becoming More of an Optimist!

     As you well know, busy teachers, we must have lesson plans. Also we may have midterm-goals. Okay then, what about letting our students know about all those goals and objectives…? So they might also cooperate to reach those goals. We can try and see. This is so if there’s rapport between them and us teachers. More often than not, our students may ...
    Posted to Experiences of a teacher of English (Weblog) by Anonymous on May 3, 2018
  • 3376. On Becoming Brilliant Teachers

     If we have to teach classes, we must dedicate time to studying. I know I know, you may be busy teachers, but in some way we all should study, which means thinking. And we can think while teaching, in some way or other. If possible, we could dedicate and devote time to reading websites, blogs, books on teaching, on education, on family, on ...
    Posted to Experiences of a teacher of English (Weblog) by Anonymous on April 25, 2018
  • 3375. How to Become a Brilliant Teacher!

     I just wrote the following notes, and I’ll continue developing those thoughts tomorrow I hope, or soon anyway, “Studying? Only for students? No way man! It’s for all teachers as well, for every teacher I’d say! They have to carry on with studying: their palestra is studying plus the classroom. You may be hectic and busy but do not recoil from ...
    Posted to Experiences of a teacher of English (Weblog) by Anonymous on April 24, 2018
  • 3371. Are You a Creative Teacher Yourself?

     Some days ago I wrote some notes for later posting on my blog: “The summary or main idea of all my blog? Let’s have serene and mild fun and enjoy teaching. Plus: Let’s serve our students. April 13, 2018” I’ve been posting for nine years and I’ve composed more than three thousand entries or posts. And yes, I’d say that, as a summary of all this ...
    Posted to Experiences of a teacher of English (Weblog) by Anonymous on April 16, 2018
  • 3368. How Is Your Self-Esteem?

     We have to be happy when we go to our daily work. Also while we’re carrying it out. Why so? Because we’re doing our best and fulfilling our duty the best way we know of. Unless we’re working fine and doing our best we have got to rectify and mend our fulfilling our duties. We have to be glad we can carry out our job. Plus we have the authority ...
    Posted to Experiences of a teacher of English (Weblog) by Anonymous on April 9, 2018
  • 3367. Having some Fun in the Classroom

     Sense of humor in the classroom? It’s great! We teachers have to learn how to laugh at ourselves, to lessen the burden our work usually carries along. I know a teacher that sometimes has a small laugh in the classroom. It’s a clever gesture. It alleviates his students’ burden and the tasks that they carry out in the classroom. He has achieved to ...
    Posted to Experiences of a teacher of English (Weblog) by Anonymous on April 6, 2018
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