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  • “Excuse Me, I Have to Take This Call.”

    One of the shows that I used to watch as a kid was The Cosby Show. I still value the wisdom and humor of Bill Cosby as one of the most influential forces in my life, personally. The show itself, which featured the life lessons of the loveable Huxtable family, lives in the annals of [...]
    Posted to Lord...What's My Motivation? (Weblog) by Anonymous on September 12, 2011
  • Letter 1

    Thank you Tarek! It’s true I always try to think of positive things and think happy thoughts. I hope you’re going to do the same . Gave a wonderful Summer!
    Posted to Miss Farah (Weblog) by Anonymous on June 14, 2011
  • Do you treat your students fairly and equally?

    This is a big issue to every teacher. Sometimes teachers without noticing give more attention to certain students leaving most probably the shy and quiet students behind. Part of being a successful teacher is treating all students equally…and that is one tough task! Tom Daly says: If you have a kid in your class who is on the verge of ...
    Posted to Miss Farah (Weblog) by Anonymous on June 6, 2011
  • Did you tell your teacher “Happy World Teacher’s Day?”

    October 5 th is World Teacher’s Day! If you are still a student and you didn’t get to thank your teachers yet then it’s time for you to do so. Many parents and students don’t know what goes on behind the scenes! Meaning, how much effort this teacher puts in to correct tests, prepare lesson plans, cut and paste papers, decorate the classroom, ...
    Posted to Miss Farah (Weblog) by Anonymous on October 5, 2010
  • LinksForEducators.com is Launched

    I hope you will join me in visiting Links for Educators. It is the newest searchable databse of websites directly related to education and teaching. It contains a searchable database so you can find links relevant to your discipline and you can even rate the websites so you know what others have found to be helpful. I hope you will visit it and ...
    Posted to General Discussions (Forum) by agregson on August 26, 2009