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  • 3471. You Readers Deserve My Keeping Posting!

    You dear readers deserve I keep posting. From time to time at least.  Today I wanted to say, with so great expert Henry Douglas Brown, that the language teacher, like me an English-language teacher, should not confine to teach language facts but altogether teach and help his students to use and utilize the language, so in a practical way: ...
    Posted to Experiences of a teacher of English (Weblog) by Anonymous on February 10, 2019
  • 3460. Our Job as Teachers is So Great!

    Pheeew! I’ve written so much so far.  I like teaching. It’s a bit tough though, sometimes. I like to treat my students. I like to teach, as I said. Teaching lessons is a very human and humane job.  Also because it doesn’t have a limited schedule: you can be treating your students also out of the classroom.  And we teachers have so big some ...
    Posted to Experiences of a teacher of English (Weblog) by Anonymous on November 9, 2018
  • 3449. On Teaching in a Nice Mood

    We are not supermen nor superwomen, I told you some posts ago. I can encounter and find problems along the way, on a regular teaching day. What is more, we will find that trouble, as you also well know.  We should focus mainly on present, which is the only thing we have at hand. And about the future and the past: I should be concerned about them ...
    Posted to Experiences of a teacher of English (Weblog) by Anonymous on October 8, 2018
  • 3427. Some Ideas before a New School Year

    So we’re before a new school year, right? Let’s enjoy it. Yes, you’ve read correctly.  Let’s not think I’m going to have four more classes taught, and after that I’ll enjoy some free time.  Let’s enjoy to teach. Because we treat human people, and so we can expect a lot from them.  Let’s interact with those people, our students. Plus their parents ...
    Posted to Experiences of a teacher of English (Weblog) by Anonymous on August 24, 2018
  • 3425. Our Great Job as Teachers: Some Hint

    On the previous post I told you a nice list of what a teacher may be. Okay then, so I told you that a teacher may advise his students, if convenient. If convenient and if my advice is in accordance to human dignity: what a responsibility I have, a nice one!  I have to be an honest, honorable and upright person, to be able to advise my students in ...
    Posted to Experiences of a teacher of English (Weblog) by Anonymous on August 20, 2018
  • 3424. You Teachers Are Simply Great, Thank You!

    The teacher you said? The teacher is many things together.  The teacher is an expert in his or her field. The teacher is an educator, a tutor, a clown sometimes, a consultor, an advisor, an animator, a showman, an actor, a psychologist, a friend, a family expert, an entrepreneur, an artist, a counselor, a painter, a story-teller, a computer ...
    Posted to Experiences of a teacher of English (Weblog) by Anonymous on August 19, 2018
  • 3417. Our Job as Teachers or Any Other Jobs Are Great

    Every job, by definition, is service. Teaching is a lot of service. And very nice, hard sometimes though. Our job is great!  Often we may catch ourselves helping beyond what is expected from our plain job as teachers. Who has never given a hand to a hectic colleague? Or dedicated some extra time to a student in need of help?  Now I remember ...
    Posted to Experiences of a teacher of English (Weblog) by Anonymous on August 11, 2018
  • 3411. Want Creativity at Teaching?

    Teaching? Teaching is great, so much! Among other reasons because when we teach we are taught also.  Look, we learn from our own teaching, hence in some way we are taught by ourselves.  Also because we learn from our dear students. Who can say he has never learned from the classes he’s taught? We should also have enough humbleness so as to affirm ...
    Posted to Experiences of a teacher of English (Weblog) by Anonymous on July 17, 2018
  • 3408. How to Teach with High Professionalism: Some Hint

    A teacher has to know how to listen. Because his first role is listening to others, and assisting them.  I know a nice number of teachers who know how to listen to their students, their families, other colleagues, admins, and everybody else.  The teacher will listen to the kids for example, in an attentive way, realizing and learning what’s going ...
    Posted to Experiences of a teacher of English (Weblog) by Anonymous on July 9, 2018
  • 3403. How to Be Good Teachers: Some Hint

    According to prestigious Spanish psychiatrist Enrique Rojas the teacher teaches knowledge and promotes some attitudes from the learner as well.  It is more than merely communicating knowledge or informing about some issue.  The teacher is someone great, as you readers. You’re mostly committed teachers. And that honors you. A lot.  On the other ...
    Posted to Experiences of a teacher of English (Weblog) by Anonymous on June 28, 2018
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